Ready2Teach at MTSU


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Ready2Teach - The initiative to redesign teacher education emphasizes a clinically-rich teacher preparation program.  It is an innovative learning experience focused on preparing teacher candidates who are ready to teach in today's classrooms from day one.  This transformation is taking place at six universities and thirteen community colleges across Tennessee. 

The goals of the initiative are:

  1. To prepare teacher candidates so they have a positive impact on student performance from the first time they enter the classroom;  
  2. To work collaboratively with schools to improve outcomes for students, schools, and communities.

The program is designed within the traditional 4-year university experience but offers a comprehensive, progressive yearlong school based clinical Residency experience during the senior year under collaborative supervision of mentor teachers, supervisors, master clinicians and university faculty. Recognizing the importance of providing candidates with relevant, authentic, and engaging learning experiences, the tasks in which teacher candidates are engaged are aligned with the schools’ identified priorities and needs, and reflect state and national standards for teacher preparation. 

During the final year of the Ready2Teach program, teacher candidates will spend the majority of their time in PreK-12 school settings. During Residency I, which occurs the semester before Residency II (student teaching), teacher candidates will spend approximately half their time in PreK-12 schools. The remaining time will be participating in class work and seminars designed to meet specific objectives in the redesigned course work. Course content, clinical experiences and seminars are structured to improve candidates’ content knowledge, teaching skills, and increase PreK-12 student achievement. During Residency II, teacher candidates will be in the Prek-12 school setting full time, five days a week.

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