What is Clutter?

Clutter is an email sorting tool available to Office 365 customers. It keeps track of what emails you read and which ones you ignore, and moves emails you’re likely to ignore into a folder called ‘Clutter’ so that you can review them later. Microsoft's full description of Clutter is available here.

How do I enable or disable Clutter?

  • Log into Office 365 with your username and password and go to Mail
    • Right click on Clutter and go to Clutter settings
    • To enable Clutter, check "Separate items identified as clutter"
    • Check “Send me notifications and messages that are separated as clutter”
    • To disable Clutter, uncheck "Separate items identified as clutter"
  • Click Save.

How do I train Clutter so it doesn’t move important email to the Clutter folder?

By marking messages as clutter or not clutter, you can train Clutter for future sorting.  If messages are going to Clutter that you prefer not to, either right click on the message and choose 'Mark as not clutter' or just drag it to the Inbox. If Exchange is missing messages you want marked as clutter, right click and choose 'Mark as clutter' or drag it to the Clutter folder. In Outlook and other clients, you’ll need to drag a message to the clutter folder to mark it as clutter or drag it to the Inbox to mark it not clutter.

Users can drag messages they deem suitable to the Clutter folder to "train" the tool to spot similar email in the future. The tool gets smarter over time, learning from your prior actions with similar messages.

Note:  If you have rules moving messages, Clutter is applied after server-side rules are applied and items touched by rules won't be filtered by clutter.

Which email messages will automatically bypass Clutter?

MTMail is configured so several email domains (including will bypass Clutter sorting and deliver directly to the email inbox. If Clutter is enabled the tool will continue to sort email messages from non-bypassed domains.

Additional Information about Clutter