Forwarding Email


How do I forward my MTMail somewhere else? 
All official university communications will be sent to If you want to view your mail in another email service, you can do the following:

How do I automatically redirect or forward messages to another account?

  • From your MTMail account, click on “Options” in the upper right corner underneath your name
  • Click “See All Options…”
  • Click on “My Account”
  • On the right side, under “Shortcuts to other things you can do”, click on “Forward your email”
  • Under “Forwarding” click in the text box under “Forward my email to” and enter the email address that you want your mail forwarded to.
  • If you would like to keep a copy of forwarded messages in your MTMail account (Recommended), keep the check box “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App” checked. Uncheck if not.
  • Click on “Start Forwarding”
  • Click on “Save”

The other option is to redirect or forward all incoming messages to an alternate email address of your choice. This is LIKE automatically forwarding the messages, but with some important differences:

  • *Redirected* mail will NOT include other senders! This means that if a message is sent to you, and also To or Cc other recipients, you won't be able to tell that from the redirected message - those other addresses are NOT included in the redirected message. You won't be able to hit "Reply All" and reach everyone initially copied (or even see that others WERE initially copied).
  • *Forwarded* mail will appear as coming FROM your MTMail address! The message subject is appended with "FW: ", and the message is actually sent FROM your MTMail address, TO the forwarding address you've listed. The original sender and other recipients will be visible in the body of the forwarded message.
  • Redirected mail will appear that it was sent directly to the "redirect" address -- you won't see your MTMail account included in the TO or CC lines.
  • Redirected mail will appear that it was sent directly to the "redirect" address -- you won't see your MTMail account included in the TO or CC lines.
  • Copies of the redirected or forwarded mail ALSO remain in MTMail. You can always log in to MTMail to see the full original headers, other recipients, what address it was initially sent to, etc.

If you'd like to turn on automatic redirects:

  • Access MTMail using a Supported Browser.
  • Near the top-right of the page, click Options.
  • Click Organize E-mail from the left-hand menu. 
    New Inbox Rule
  • On the "Inbox Rules" tab, click the New button.
  • Under "When the message arrives, and:", select [Apply to all messages].
  • Under "Do the following", choose Redirect the message to... or Forward the message to... - see the pros and cons of each outlined above.
  • This should automatically open an Address Book window. If it doesn't click the "*Select one" link right next to the "Do the following" pull-down menu.
  • At the bottom of the window, next to "To->", type the email address where you'd like your mail redirected. Click OK.
  • Click Save

You have two options for forwarding or redirecting your mail. Redirecting and forwarding are not the same. Redirecting is the recommended method if you choose to read your mail in another email provider.

  • Messages that are redirected will appear to come from the original sender. When you reply to a message that has been redirected, the reply will be sent to the original sender.
  • Messages that are forwarded will appear to be forwarded from you. When you reply to a message that has been forwarded, the reply will be sent to the address the message was forwarded from, not to the original sender.
  • A copy of messages that you redirect or forward will remain in your Inbox. 

Do I have to keep the same email provider throughout my MTSU career? 
No. You can change your forwarding at any time. You can change to any other service provider of your choice. Official university email (registration, grades, fee statements, etc.) will be sent to your account and forwarded automatically to whichever address you have chosen.