The Ultimate Film Noir Collection: Darkest Betrayal

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Too late for tears: A man finds $60,000 and his wife insists that he keep it rather than turn it in to the cops. Wanting the money for herself, she kills her husband, then reports him missing. 

The man who cheated himself: A homicide detective helps his girlfriend cover up the fact she has murdered her husband. His brother eventually solves the case, and the fugitives hide out in long-abandoned Fort Point. 

The Stranger: An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi. 

The strange love of Martha Ivers: A gambler with a dark past returns to his hometown to find that his wealthy ex-fiancee is now married to thedistrict attorney. The D.A. tries to use the gambler's new friend to get rid of him. 

The hitch-hiker: Two army buddies pick up a psychotic hitch-hiker on their way to Mexico.

Quicksand: An auto mechanic falls for a scheming waitress, and is pulled into the dark world of crime by her ruthless boyfriend.

Detour: A Manhattan night-club piano player hitchhikes to Hollywood to meet up with his girl friend. Along the way, he's picked up by a driver who winds up dead. The hitchhiker assumes the dead driver's identity but winds up being blackmailed. 

The scar: An ex-medical student in trouble with gambling debts kills a psychiatrist who is his exact look-alike, except for a scar on the doctor's cheek. The student impersonates the dead psychiatrist, but mistakenly makes his own scar on the wrong cheek. It is not long before the doctor's secretary is on to him and he discovers the doctor had a few gambling debts himself.

D.O.A.: An accountant discovers he has only a week to live after he is poisoned. Together with his secretary, he tries to beat the clock to find out who poisoned him--and why--before it's too late.

Jigsaw: A gangster sends a sultry vixen to seduce and discredit a district attorney.

Whistle stop: A woman of ill repute returns to her home town looking for money and rekindles her relationship with her old love, an alcoholic gambler. His bartender pal lures him into a plot to do away with a wealthy and corrupt nightclub owner.

He walked by night: A detective is on the trail of a cop-killer. 

The chase: A rich gangster and his bodyguard try to kill the ganster's chauffeur, who manages to escape with his life and the gangster's wife. 

The big bluff: Fatally ill woman finds love, but when she suprisingly recovers, her new husband decides to help her back along the path to death.

Kansas City confidential: John Payne gives a hard hitting performance as a man bent on finding the gang that unwittingly framed him for a robbery.

Port of New York: A customs agent is determined to catch the gang of drug smugglers that killed his partner.

Suddenly: The little town of Suddenly is expecting a visit from the President, who is on a fishing trip. Sinatra and his assassins take over a small house in a plot to kill the President.

Buried alive: Inmate Johnny Martin's future looks bright. He is thewarden's personal driver, and is soon to be paroled. However, when he intervenes in a bar fight between a prison executioner and a reporter, he is accused of being drunk and starting the fight, and then is accused of murdering a guard in an escape attempt.

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6-disc set. 


Film, Noir