Literature and Film: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Film Adaptation


Robert Sam, Alessandra Raengo, Editors


Book, Hard Copy








A collection of essays that chart the confluence and history of literature and film. 

"Literature and Film is a collection of essays that chart the history and confluence of literature and film. Bringing together the very latest scholarship in the field, this guide contains astute and readable contributions - both theoretical and thematic - on the translation of literary into filmic texts." "Subjects range from established classics including The Last of the Mohicans, through consecrated genre works like Cape Fear, to contemporary classics such as The English Patient and Beloved. Almost all of the essays are originals, especially composed for this volume, and written by leading international scholars on both literature and film. The book features an introductory essay tracing the history and practice of adaptation, providing the ideal entry point for students or scholars exploring this dynamic and multifaceted field."--Jacket.


Important Notes

The theory and practice of adaptation / Robert Stam --
Improvements and reparations at Mansfield Park / Tim Watson --
Keeping the carcass in motion : adaptation and transmutations of the national in The last of the Mohicans / Jacquelyn Kilpatrick --
The discreet charm of the leisure class : Terence Davies's The house of mirth / Richard Porton --
In search of adaptation : Proust and film / Melissa Anderson --
The grapes of wrath : thematic emphasis through visual style / Vivian C. Sobchack --
Cape Fear and trembling : familial dread / Kirsten Thompson --
The carnival of repression : German left-wing politics and The lost honor of Katharina Blum / Alexandra Seibel --
Serial time : Bluebeard in Stepford / Bliss Cua Lim --
Boyz 'n the hood chronotopes : Spike Lee, Richard Price, and the changing authorship of Clockers / Paula J. Massood --
Defusing The English patient / Patrick Deer --
Carnivals and goldfish : history and crisis in The butcher boy / Jessica Scarlata --
Passion or heartburn? The uses of humor in Esquivel's and Arau's Like water for chocolate / Dianna C. Niebylski --
Beloved : the adaptation of an American slave narrative / Mia Mask --
Oral traditions, literature, and cinema in Africa / Mbye Cham --
Memory and history in the politics of adaptation : revisiting the partition of India in Tamas / Ranjani Mazumdar --
The written scene : writers as figures of cinematic redemption / Paul Arthur


Film, literature, essays