ENGL 4600: Writing Internship

About ENGL 4600

English 4600, the Writing Internship course, provides undergraduates the opportunity to earn course credit for completing an writing-related internship with an organization. Activities must primarily include writing and writing-related activities such as planning, research, information gathering, social media and other forms of communications, or coorporate writing such as memos, letters, reports, promotional and feature articles. Full details are below, and you may also contact English Internship Director Dr. Bryanna Licciardi with questions or when you're ready to enroll. If you are a masters student interested in an internship-for-credit opportunity, feel free to use the resources below to locate an internship and contact the Graduate English Advisor Dr. Laura White for next steps.

Eligibility Requirements 

ENGL 4600 is an available opportunity for undergraduates students who meet the following criteria:

  • English major, English minor, or Writing minor
  • Course fulfills a degree requirement
  • Junior or Senior status
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • B or higher in upper division writing courses (ENGL 3000-4000 levels). This requirement can be waived on the basis of a writing sample or with a professor's written recommendation.

Internship positions must meet the following criteria:

  • 120 contact hours 
  • Activities that primarily include writing and writing-related activities such as planning, research, information gathering, social media and other forms of communications, or corporate writing such as memos, letters, reports, promotional and feature articles

Repeat credit is an option:

  • Students may enroll in ENGL 4600 more than once with permission from the Internship Director and their advisor.
  • Determination is based on longer standing internship roles, as well as on internships for more than one organization.

How to Find an Internship

Students are responsible for obtaining their internship. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. The student obtains employment in a position that meets the above qualifications for course credit.
  2. The student contacts an organization seeking to hire interns and applies with them directly.

To help you locate internship opportunties and understand how to navigate the search safely, we've created several resource pages: 

ENGL 4600 Registration

Once you've secured your internship, the next step is to get help registering.

To request permission, students will email the Internship Director Dr. Bryanna Licciardi with all of the following information:

  1. Your full name (and preferred name if different)
  2. Your M#
  3. The organization name
  4. Summary of your expected work responsibilties 
  5. Anticipated schedule (duration and hours/week)
  6. Forwarded confirmation from your advisor that 4600 meets a degree requirement
  7. Your organization supervisor's name, title, and email address

Upon receiving the above information, the Internship Director will email the supervisor to confirm the student’s activities and schedule. Then the Director will initiate the registration permission request with our English Deparment for the student to enroll. 

Important to Note

  • Internships do not have to correspond exactly with MTSU semester schedules. If an internship extends into a new semester, the student can receive an Incomplete in the course until the internship is completed.
  • After completion of the internship, the Director may contact the student's supervisor to confirm satisfactory completion of the internship. 

Course Fulfillment Requirements

To earn course credit, the intern will fulfill work obligations and complete all of the assigned tasks within ENGL 4600, an asynchronous D2L course. Tasks include reflective discussions, a portfolio of work, and a final paper.  

Course credit is Pass/Fail. The Fail grade will be assigned if reports and other writing assignments are inadequate/not completed, the workplace supervisor provides an unsatisfactory report, or the student fails to complete the internship.

CLA Internship Consultation

Beyond English department assistance, you may also seek consultation to learn more about internships and what they can do for you and your future with the College of Liberal Arts's Internship Advisor, Don Srisuriyo.

To schedule a consultation with Don, log in to SSC Campus with your PipelineMT credentials. Select "Get Advising" (blue button on right side of screen) → "College of Liberal Arts" → "Internship Consultation" → "College of Liberal Arts" → "Don Srisuriyo" → Make and confirm your appointment time. Be sure to include a description of what you would like to talk about in the comment box.