Past Mech Tech Projects

Pneumatic Catapult Aircraft Launch System, 2020

Pneumatic Catapult Aircraft Launch System

Enola Gay

Aseel Asiri, Garrett Greer, Kellie Beadle, Sloan Luae

Our project is a Pneumatic Launcher for remote control aircraft. It uses compressed air to launch remote control planes into flight over a compressed distance. During launch, it registers obstructions in front of the runway, as well as logs flight statistics such as velocity, acceleration, and the number of launchers per period.

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Congratulations to the 2022 Department of Engineering Technology Outstanding Students!

  • Miguel Angel (MET)
  • Christian Wettstein (CET)
  • Samuel Porterfield (EMET)
  • Ashlee Dunn (MEEN)
  • Emily Miller (MEEN)
  • Zachary Wells (ET GRAD)
  • Hunter Hudson (MSPS GRAD)