Building Access

MTSU Key Shop

Facilities Services is responsible for the management of the University keying and electronic access control systems. That responsibility includes controlling the production, storage, and issuance of keys, the replacement or rekeying of lock cylinders, the acquisition of new keying systems, the maintenance of accurate records, and the cataloging  of and adherence to key system authorizations. All locks and keys must be approved by the Key Shop before installation.

Facilities Services is also responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of campus-wide electronic access control systems. Additionally, the Facilities Key Shop is responsible for stand-alone access locks, alarm systems, and key boxes.

The University Police Department is responsible for overall campus security. Any deviation from established security policies and practices must be submitted to the University Police Department in writing for approval.

Main Office:
615-898-5387 |

Director of Engineering Services & EH&S: 
Alan Parker  615-898-2392


Required Approval and Disposition of Key / Access Requests
Electronic Access Request Form  |  Key Return Form