Work Request Forms

Work Order Services

For non-emergency requests, click on the appropriate link below. For questions regarding how to submit a work order request, contact Work Order Services at (615) 898-2308.

For emergencies from 8:00AM - 4:30PM:

  • call in an emergency work order - (615) 898-2308
  • call in an emergency custodial request - (615) 898-2308

For emergencies after the listed hours:

  • call (615) 898-2434

Please click on the appropriate link to make a work request. To repeat a work request, please use the status report request link.

Type of Request Description
General Maintenance/ Non-Emergency For all requests to repair buildings or equipment (including keys, temperature, etc). If the request is for new construction or equipment, please use the Special Projects Request Form.
Custodial Services These include supplies (chalk and erasers are now the responsibility of the academic department) and cleaning of interior/exterior surfaces.
Moving This link is to request office moves, relocations or removal of furniture and equipment. Two week notice is required. For audio/visual requests, one weeks notice is required.
Athletic Facilities, Alumni Memorial Gym or Murphy Center The responsibilities for these buildings are shared and require a special email distribution.
Roof Leaks Due to the emergency nature and need for immediate attention, (a roof leak can quickly destroy a building), call (615) 898-2308
Elevators and Handicap Access Due to the need for immediate attention, call (615) 898-2308. Repair is contracted through a Nashville firm.
Plants This form is to request the delivery of plants or flowers for an event. One weeks notice is required.
Exterior Lighting Outage Report Facilities Services conducts a campus lighting survey each month, however, there may be lights that will go out in between light surveys. If you see an exterior light out in the parking lots, grounds areas, sidewalks, or street lights, please let us know by completing the form.  Your assistance will enable us to repair the light(s) as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Status Report This form is to request a status report if any work order request is over two weeks old.
Special Projects Review SP-R Form SP-R is to facilitate implementation of major projects involving FSD (i.e. faculty grant projects, installation of new equipment, building modifications, etc.). Prior to starting a project, consultation with Construction/Renovation and completion of this form are required.
Special Projects Request SP-1 Form 1 (Alterations, Modifications, Construction) is to request an estimate for Special Projects which includes anything that is a change or addition to an existing space, i.e. renovation, finishes, new furniture, etc.

To obtain specifications for equipment for a master classroom, please contact ITD at (615) 898-2512. Specifications and recommendations for VCRs/TVs for a regular classroom can be viewed at Server, Classroom, and Desktop Services.

If you are having difficulty with the technology in a master classroom, please report the condition to the ITD help desk on the web or call (615) 898-5345.

Definitions of priority choices

Emergency - Any condition which left unattended may cause bodily injury or property damage; unbearable environmental conditions in any occupied area; loss of electrical, heating/cooling or water/sewage service to a building or a major portion of a building; loss of essential services or equipment in housing unit areas. Please call the numbers listed at the top of this page for an emergency.

Urgent/Breakdown - Repair required within two working days to provide essential services, prevent excessive property damage, correct unsafe conditions and cover emergency conditions which are not severe enough to be classified as immediate emergency work requests.

Priority - Same as urgent/breakdown except repair required within three working days.

Routine - All other requests are classified as routine and will be completed as soon as scheduling constraints and availability of resources will allow.