Dr. Wandi Ding

Dr. Ding is a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University. She serves as faculty for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Computational and Data Science Program, as well as the Honors College. She is an active learner and user of SIMIODE, which is a Community of Practice dedicated to using modeling to teach differential equations, and she serves as Board of Contributing Advisors for SIMIODE (2017 – current).

Dr. Ding's research interests include || mathematical biology || optimal control || computational biology || mathematical modeling || ordinary and partial differential equations || difference equations ||  agent/individual-based modeling || and || hybrid systems ||, with applications to || population dynamics || disease modeling and control || natural resource management || and || systems biology ||. She is also interested in || deep learning || and || quantum biology ||.

Dr. Ding's research focuses on understanding the spatial and temporal patterns that arise in dynamic biological systems and, when possible, finding the best way to control the system. See Research for details.

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       Stay for the Science.       
   Use Data to do Good.

MTSU REU Site: Computational Modeling and Simulation in the Applied Sciences 2018-2022

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Guest Editors: Wandi Ding, Joshua L. Phillips, Zhuolin Qu and Russell Zaretzki.
Special Issue:Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling for Systems Biology,
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering
, 2021-22.


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