2020 University Committees under Policy 32

Policy 32 University Committees provides a unique experience for faculty to participate in shared governance as a way of making a positive impact on every aspect of the MTSU community.

Faculty committee membership will be selected from tenured and tenure-track faculty who have been employed full time at MTSU for at least two (2) years prior to beginning committee service, at least one (1) year of which must have been in a tenure-track position. Additional eligibility information can be found at the policies website (Section II Establishment of Committee Structure F. Faculty Eligibility and Membership.

The University Committees Service Form has been revised so that all committees are listed on one form. The form is divided into the following three sections: Section I – Faculty Information, Section II – University Committee Selections, and Section III – Other Campus-wide Committees.

To check the specifics of each committee, click on the policies website.

Deadline for Round 1 Submission

Section I – Faculty Information

You should only be active on two committees at any given time.

Section II. University Committee Selections

The following committees in this section utilize faculty with specialized experience, skills, and knowledge that correlate to the charge and special information as listed in the committee descriptions. Indicate all committees on which you are willing to serve and use the comment section immediately following your selection(s) to identify how your experience relates to the committees you’ve chosen. Forms submitted with related experience will be considered first. Committees and Terms:

Use the space below to identify specialized experiences, skills, and knowledge related to your selections above. Forms submitted with related experience will be considered first.

Indicate all committees on which you are willing to serve. If you would like to prioritize your selections, you may do so in the comment section below. An overview of the following committees may be found on the policies website at https://www.mtsu.edu/policies/governance-and-compliance/032.php. Committees and Terms:

If you would like to prioritize your committee selections, you may do so in the comment box provided.

Section III – Other University-wide Committees

The Faculty Senate provides nominations for the following committees which do not fall under Policy 32. These committees are in addition to the number of committees on which you were willing to serve as indicated in Section I. You may use the comment section below to prioritize your committee selections. Select any committees you are interested in serving:

In the box below, write in the number of committees you would be interested in serving. You may prioritize if you would like. If you are interested in the URECA Grants Committee, please share any experience related to the work of this committee.


Please take a minute to review your selections for completeness prior to submitting this form.

Upon submission, you will receive a copy of this form. Please keep your copy until you receive your letter from the President’s Office at the beginning of the fall semester confirming your nomination(s). 

Thank you for you service!


If you have additional questions, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at 898-2582.