MTSU Faculty Senate Presidents

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Joey Gray Health and Human Performance 2017-2018
Mary B. Martin Basic and Applied Sciences 2016-2017
Tricia Farwell Mass Communication 2015-2016
William Canak Liberal Arts 2014-2015
Scott Boyd Liberal Arts 2013-2014
Michael Arndt Liberal Arts 2012-2013
Kim Neal Nofsinger Liberal Arts 2011-2012
Warner Cribb Liberal Arts 2010-2011
Deborah Belcher Education and Behavioral Science 2009-2010
Alfred Lutz Liberal Arts 2008-2009
Kevin E. Smith Liberal Arts 2007-2008
Tony V. Johnston Basic and Applied Sciences 2006-2007
Rebecca M. Fischer Liberal Arts 2005-2006
Larry L. Burriss Mass Communication 2004-2005
Daniel P. Pfeifer Mass Communication 2003-2004
Jennifer L. Dooley Basic and Applied Sciences 2002-2003
Dennis J. O'Neal Mass Communication 2001-2002
Mary Kathryn Mathis Basic and Applied Sciences 2000-2001
L. Diane Miller Basic and Applied Sciences 1999-2000
Jerry H. Brookshire Liberal Arts 1998-1999
Christian L. Haseleu Mass Communication 1997-1998
Mary Elizabeth Stivers Education 1996-1997
Harold Whiteside Education 1995-1996
Harold Whiteside Education 1994-1995
M. Jill Austin Business 1993-1994
Nancy Parks Bertrand Education 1992-1993
Patrick J. Doyle Basic and Applied Sciences 1991-1992
James H. Neal Liberal Arts 1990-1991
Lester W. Levi Basic and Applied Sciences 1989-1990
Sondra E. Wilcox Education 1988-1989
Norman B. Ferris Liberal Arts 1987-1988
Leon R. Nuell Education 1986-1987
T. Earl Hinton Education 1985-1986
Roy C. Shelton Liberal Arts 1984-1985
David E. Walker Liberal Arts 1983-1984
Charles W. Babb Education 1982-1983
F. Curtis Mason  Basic and Applied Sciences 1981-1982
Janice C.O. Hayes Education 1980-1981
Fred P. Colvin Liberal Arts 1979-1980
Frank W. Essex Liberal Arts 1978-1979
Sue Y. Whitt Business and Economics 1977-1978
Robert B. Jones Liberal Arts 1976-1977
Stanford B. Golden, Jr. Education 1975-1976
William F. Greene Business 1975-1976
Harold L. Baldwin Basic and Applied Sciences 1974-1975
Joe S. Evans Basic and Applied Sciences 1973-1974
Horace W. Uselton Arts and Sciences 1972-1973
J. Earl Young Business and Industry 1971-1972
Price E. Harrison, Jr. Education 1970-1971
J. Gerald Parchment Arts and Sciences 1969-1970
Robert J. Womack Education 1968-1969
William T. Windham Arts and Sciences 1967-1968
Roscoe L. Strickland, Jr. Arts and Sciences 1966-1967