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Welcome to the Forensic Institute for Research and Education (FIRE) website. FIRE has the overarching responsibility to facilitate the integration of education, research, and community service in forensic science through partnerships and public engagement.

Founded in 2006 by nationally known and respected forensic anthropologist, Dr. Hugh Berryman, FIRE augments MTSU’s already strong Forensic Science, Anthropology and Criminal Justice programs by providing integrative opportunities for students in different fields to engage in common projects. One way we do this is through sponsorship of the Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team, which involves students in real-world forensic recoveries at the request of local and state law enforcement agencies. Other FIRE activities include a speaker series that brings internationally known forensic scientists and legal scholars to campus for the benefit of the public and the MTSU community. We also host our annual summer camp CSI:MTSU that makes forensic science accessible to high school students.

FIRE maintains both internal and external boards of advisors that help to facilitate all of the institute’s efforts and ensure that FIRE is meeting the needs of the students and broader community. The internal board is composed of MTSU faculty and administrators, while the external board consists of top administrators and forensic science practitioners from around the state and nation, and has historically included the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation; Metropolitan Davidson County Medical Examiner's Office; Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Tennessee Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security; Drug Enforcement Authority; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. These internal and external boards meet annually to explore needs and examine areas of funded research.

We have an excellent and committed support staff that continually pursues innovative and creative means of enhancing learning and scholarship at MTSU and brings all of FIRE's projects to fruition.

To learn more about each of our goals, please click on the links below.

Again, we welcome you to the Forensic Institute for Research and Education. If you are a serious student seeking a career in forensic science, an established forensic science practitioner considering a Master's degree, a forensic scientist or law enforcement personnel seeking specialized training, or just an average citizen with a strong interest in forensic science, we invite you to check us out. We may be what you have been looking for!

The Forensic Institute for Research and Education is located in Room 106 of Wiser-Patten Science Hall. If you would like more information about FIRE, please contact us at 615-494-7713 or fire@mtsu.edu. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, click here.

Dr Berryman with Horseshoe   

 Hugh Berryman, PhD, D-ABFA       
 Founding Director

 Faculty& Staff

Dr. Tiffany Saul, Sara Broh, Dr. Thomas Holland


FIRE's Mission Statement

To advance forensic sciences through education, research, and community service in collaboration with faculty, students, and community partners.

The Forensic Science undergraduate program is a major within the Biology Dept. Click here to be directed to the program's website.

Questions? Email us at fire@mtsu.edu.

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