Student Research

FIRE has sponsored multiple student research projects, including identifying remains by use of surgical implants, drugs, decomposition rates, and detecting chemicals in soil. Several of these students have gone on to present their research at annual meetings of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

  • Cameron Crawford: Identification of Unique Oral Amoebae by PCR for Use in Bite Mark Analysis
  • Vanessa Hobbs: Metabolites in Urine Following Synthetic Cannabinoid Use
  • Alison Jordan: The Use of Surgical Implants to Aid in the Positive Identification of Human Remains
  • Samantha Keene: Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted During Aerobic Decomposition of Various Swine Tissues
  • Justin Lee: Comparison of Three Types of Compost Material for the Reduction of Bacterial Pathogens
  • Nisha Patel: Analysis of New Synthetic Street Drug "Molly"*
  • Tiffany Saul:
    • The Role of Oral and Labial Devices in the Identification of Human Skeletal Remains*
    • The Taphonomy of Biological Supply Skeletons
    • A Comparative Assessment of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) Analysis
  • Dima Sbenaty: Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoid by Mass Spectrometric Methods Coupled with Accurate Mass Determination*
  • Amber Schmuhl: Sex Determination: A Study of Dimorphism in Complete and Fragmented Tarsals*
  • Chasity Suttle: Method for Detecting Pentobarbital in Soil by LC/MS and the Enzymatic Degradation of Pentobarbital*
  • Natasha Vang: The Effect of Dye Saturation on Fabric Composition
  • Eric Vick: Identifying Childhood Sexual Abuse Using Gardnerella Vaginalis


*Presented research at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

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