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California State University, Fresno

For its 1 for All First Amendment project, public relations classes at California State University, Fresno, created strategies to engage students on campus with the values of the First Amendment.
Fresno State public relations students work on a project to promote the First Amendment on campus.


The result: a school-wide event on  March 26 with presentations by more than 60 students and a comprehensive public relations plan for a fall 2019 event tying into Constitution Day, Sept. 17.

Activities to measure current student knowledge of the First Amendment included primary and secondary research such as student surveys and studies about media coverage and propaganda. Students also created media strategies including videos, news releases, and multiple content for social media. (See below.)

Fresno State students are now focused on increasing campus-wide understanding of the amendment that guarantees Americans’ expressive freedoms. This project was led by James Boren, executive director of the Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust, and Dr. Bradley Hart and Dr. Nancy Van Leuven, faculty in the Media, Communication and Journalism Department.

Student participants:

From the Writing for Public Relations course: Alexander Benninga, Clarissa Carrillo, Phylisha Chaidez, Adrian Cisneros, Brittany Elsome, Gabriella Gaona, McKenna Gilman, Alannah Lones, Peter Marquez, Mohammad Azlan, Linda Moua, Kaitlin Murrell, Danielle Parra, Terada Phengphong, Noor Sabharwal, Kristin Simonsen, Shane Stoll, Luke Teixeira.

From the Fundamentals of Public Relations course: Delaney Anthony, Breana Bean, Kylie Bell, Emily Brodner, Cici Cole, Samantha Domingo, Carmen Flores, Joshua Garcia, Stephan Gelpi, Kiley Greenwood, Nathalie Gutierrez, Kimberly Klassen, Sunshine Lee, Tia Lewis, Taylor Logue, Christina Lopez, Sydney Manning, Bailey Margosian, Joanna Mariano, Lauren Mettler, Mikenzi Meyers, Zachary Perkins, Victoria Ponce, Amanda Ramirez, Rebekah Robinson, Julie Robles, Lizbet Silva, Lindsey Smith, Saraya Smith, Jacqueline Solorio-Ayala, Olegario Tapia Solis, Carlos Velasco, Gabriela Vidrio, Katie Vierra, Austin White, Will Williford.

Here are results and highlights of the campaign:

Final report

Interviews with students, posted on Twitter 

More from Twitter 

News coverage

The Collegian, Fresno State: More than 60 students to give presentations on the First Amendment

Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust: Raising the bar – from awareness to action on the First Amendment


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