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News release: Campus grants available for fall 2020

1 for All invites grant applications for First Amendment campus events in fall 2020

The nationwide campaign to support First Amendment awareness and understanding on college campuses, 1 for All, is inviting grant proposals for fall 2020.

1 for All is the nation’s longest-running program building public awareness of the amendment that keeps us free – the First Amendment. It’s a nonpartisan and nonprofit campaign to boost understanding of our freedoms of speech, press, assembly, religion and petition on college and university campuses across the country.

1 for All was founded in 2007 by then-USA Today Editor Ken Paulson, now director of the Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University College of Media and Entertainment and a First Amendment scholar. Founding partners include journalists, educators, First Amendment lawyers, librarians and artists, with the aim of educating the public on the vital importance of First Amendment freedoms.

“Holding a 1 for All event is the best way to celebrate your school’s commitment to free speech, freedom of thought, and academic freedom,” Paulson said. “1 for All will pay up to $5,000 of a campus's expenses for a program or event. We’re inviting proposals for both large- and small-scale events exploring First Amendment freedoms on college and university campuses.”

1 for All also provides $2,000 grants for college classes seeking to develop and carry out public relations campaigns on campus – with the First Amendment as the client. See application information here.

Further, 1 for All sponsors a musical program called “Shut Up and Dance.” It's a new program that will engage students on free speech, civility, diversity and democracy, and it's now available for campus bookings. A thoroughly entertaining and engaging concert with multimedia and narration, the show tells the story of America’s social struggles and progress through pop, rock, gospel, soul, country and hip-hop music. For details on how to host a “Shut Up and Dance” performance, see this page.

Submit proposals via email to Brian Buchanan, 1 for All coordinator, at

1 for All is a project of the Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. For more information, see About 1 for All.


Brian Buchanan

1 for All coordinator

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