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Professors Ann Jabro (Communication) and David Jamison (Political Science and Communication) developed 1 for All programming to increase awareness of the First Amendment on the campus on Pittsburgh.  They collaborated, along with Academic Media Center Director Tim Jones, in creating a series of four televised moot court-style debates on First Amendment topics.

The debates were viewed in person by RMU students, faculty, and community guests (including at least one local judge, and live-streamed to four local high schools.  The debates raised awareness of the First Amendment topics of freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly.

The programming "provided a significant interdisciplinary, applied-learning opportunity for political science and criminal justice students (in arguing the cases), public relations students (in a sustained, student-led traditional media/social media campaign to publicize the events), and to video production students (in creating the studio/live-stream production)," Jabro said. Over 45 Robert Morris faculty, staff, and students were involved in the project.

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