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Registration Questions

What do I do when students email me before the semester, asking to get into my class?

The English department does not issue closed class permits for general education classes. If you want to respond, advise the student to keep checking Pipeline for open seats. Seats open up after the purge and during the drop/add period when students are switching sections. You can also simply forward those emails to Jayrah Trapp, the General Education English Administrative Assistant. The GEE office wants you to be able to focus on preparing your courses.

What do I do when students who are not registered for my class show up on the first day?

Send them directly to the General Education English Office: PH 324. Do not let them attend class. University policy states that students cannot attend a class for which they are not registered.

Should I sign a drop/add form if I really don’t mind taking on another student?

No. Send the student directly to the General Education English office. Caps are raised throughout the registration period to give every student an opportunity to build a workable schedule. If a student does not have a seat when classes begin, then a problem—most times with the student, occasionally with financial aid—has occurred. We will investigate, and if the student has a legitimate claim, find him/her a seat. Often, we encourage the student to take English the next semester. It is in the best interest of the student to begin class on day one; it is in the best interest of the student and the teacher to keep class sizes low.

What do I do if a student is registered for my class, attends on the first day, and then is purged?

Tell the student to keep attending class. In the meantime, send Jayrah Trapp, the General Education English Administrative Assistant, an email verifying that this student has, in fact, been attending your class. (Students who are purged before classes begin must rebuild their schedules.)

Will any new students appear on my roster after the drop/add period?

Probably not. Purged students will reappear on your list after they straighten out their finances. If a new student appears, it means that the GEE Office determined that a late registrant had a legitimate claim and a good chance of succeeding in your class despite the fact that it is already underway. In this case, we will either call or send you email.

What is the deadline for withdrawal? What if a student misses the deadline and wants to avoid an F?

The deadline for the last day to withdraw varies from semester to semester, but you can find a current schedule of each semester's withdrawal dates here. Other important dates for the semester are located on the MTSU Academic Calendar. Please make sure your students know the W deadline. After the deadline (which has been extended to accommodate students on financial aid), students with legitimate extenuating circumstances should request a late administrative withdrawal through the General Education English office.


 Syllabi and Curriculum

Does the GEE office have copies of sample syllabi and appropriate assignments for the general education courses?

Yes. Sample syllabi, assignments, and other very useful information can be found on the ”Syllabus Development Resources" page.  Also, you will find information about our curriculum and policies in the front matter of Everyone's An Author and Everything's An Argument, our preferred textbooks for ENGL 1010 and 1020.

Is there a standard curriculum for the composition courses?

There are course outcomes, key concepts, and suggested writing projects. For more detailed information about the overlaps and differences between ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020, please visit the "First-Year Writing at MTSU" page.

What is the purpose of English 2030?

To foster a love of reading beyond the classroom by helping students develop an awareness of what characterizes their own appreciation for literature. Of course, English 2030 instructors continue the important work of supporting students’ ongoing development as careful readers and writers.

2030 teachers choose from an approved list of anthologies. Is there a set amount of reading students should be doing?

The General Education English Committee has been reluctant to specify an amount or even a range of page numbers. The amount of reading across sections of 2030 therefore varies considerably. Typically, the course focuses on each genre for the same amount of time, although some instructors organize their readings according to theme, not genre.

Are the requirements for students in 2030 standardized?

Students in all sections of 2020/2030 write two exams and three papers. The exams are typically a combination of multiple choice, short answer, and essay. The papers are 3-5 pages. Teachers can, however, deviate from this 2 exam /3 paper requirement as long as they can successfully argue that what they require is the equivalent or “in the spirit” of the standard requirements. For example, some instructors give a mid-term exam and assign a collaborative final project; some have students write frequent short response papers in lieu of the 3 formal papers. Unfortunately, plagiarism is a common form of academic misconduct in 2030. Designing creative paper assignments helps to curb the plagiarism impulse.

What if I have other questions about the curriculum or my teaching?

If you don’t find answers to your questions on this website, don’t hesitate to send an email to Jayrah Trapp, the General Education English Administrative Assistant, or the Director of General Education English, Dr. Christopher Weedman, an email. We are here to help.


Practical Matters

Where can I find office supplies?

A limited number of office supplies are available in the supply closet in PH 303. You can also find more office supplies and gradebooks by contacting Nicole in the Upper Division English Office.

Where can I make copies?

PH 303 contains both the faculty mailboxes and the copier. Departmental secretaries and student aides have access to the copier, and you may drop off materials you would like to be copied and/or scanned. More detailed instructions for this procedure are posted in PH 303. Please submit copy orders 24-48 hours before you plan on using them in classes.

Is there a way to visit my classroom(s) before the first day of classes?

The fastest way to get information on your classrooms is through using 25Live. Select the building your course meets in from the right-hand menu, and then click directly on your room number to the left. This will give you information about the technologies in the room, the seating capacity, and will also provide pictures from inside the space.

Where can I get keys to my classroom(s)?

If your class meets in Peck Hall, you should visit Amanda Triplett in the Graduate Studies office. She will be able to provide keys for your room or inform you if your room uses your MTSU ID card to access the room instead. Classroom keys should be returned to Amanda at the end of the semester.

What’s the procedure for canceling classes?

Email at least two secretaries and CC Dr. Christopher Weedman. If you want them to post a notice on your classroom door with special instructions for your students, please include a draft of that message along with your classroom number and time. Canceled classes should be avoided whenever possible, but if you must cancel, try to give your students an assignment that can be completed outside of class or can be posted on D2L.

How many office hours should I hold?

Departmental policy is that instructors should hold two hours per class weekly. The exception to this rule is for Lecturers, who should hold one hour per class weekly.

Where is the GTA Office?

The English GTA Office is located in Peck Hall 304A. Contact Amanda Triplett in the Graduate Studies office for swipe card access.

Where can I find information about student support resources?

Please consult this helpful guide, which includes details and contact information for many health, financial, and other assistance resources available to all MTSU students.


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