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Assessing the efficacy of general education curriculum is a lengthy process that necessitates the collection of significant amounts of data. On this page, we'd like to share updates and reports of progress, and eventually, summaries of data collected regarding faculty, staff, adminstrator, and student views of general education at MTSU. We share this information with the hope of maintaining an open, transparent conversation across campus and beyond regarding the potential for curriculum redesign. 

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General Education Redesign Announcement: Fall 2018

General Education Mid-Year Report: Fall 2018

General Education Mid-Semester Report: March 2019

General Education Year-End Report: May 2019


Focus Group & Student Survey Data Summaries: April 2019

Student Survey Data

The following data comes the 2019 survey of MTSU students, and has been redacted when particular employees were mentioned for privacy. To see student responses to particular parts of the survey, click on the questions below. 

Faculty Focus Group Data

The following data comes from the 13 faculty, staff, and administrator focus groups conducted in Spring 2019. This data was collated and analyzed using AntConc, a freeware corpus analysis tool. Data is reported by the data category and organized by date within the file. If sections are blank, groups did not complete the activity (this applies to Delivery Methods, Integration/Coordination, and Modifications). 


Director of General Education
Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk, Professor of History

Director of Communications & Research Associate
Dr. Katherine Brackett, Research Assistant Professor of History

Graduate Assistant
Meredith Funderburk

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