COVID-19 Updates

Understand your role in what happens next:

COVID-19 has created unforeseen complications for every aspect of the university, and the redesign efforts are no exception. While redesign efforts were put on hold in Spring 2020 to allow for courses to move online, we are resuming conversations in Fall 2020. To that end, we are inviting chairs and departments to engage in the design process. We are not starting over in our design, but rather we are engaging in a deeper discussion of the implications of redesign for departments through a close reading and discussion of the proposed models and outcomes. We're asking departments to form subcommittees under the leadership of their respective chairs. If you are interested in participating, please contact your chair. Using a D2L shell specifically designed for this process, we'll create a pipeline of information from departmental subcommittees both to the general education committee/design team and to chairs.

We'll run similar discussion groups in the Faculty Advisory Council so that we maintain an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition, we will have a group for students, the Student Advisory Council, with a different set of questions to address.

In the meantime, Chairs Council will be developing a white paper on general education redesign, again, with the intention of creating a pipeline of information to the general education committee.

Next steps through Fall Semester 2020:

  • Department faculty work groups
  • Faculty Advisory Council and Student Advisory Council workgroups
  • Chairs Council statement
  • University general education committee will consider all of the previous in making any decisions

Resources for Redesign:

  • Department Q&A sessions and workshops as requested
  • Drop-in Zoom office hours with design team members

New Timeline:

Our new timeline, thanks to COVID-19 is delayed exactly one year. Chairs, department subcommittees, and advisory councils should have their review of the models and outcomes completed by no later than February 05 2021. During the spring semester the University General Education Committee will make a decision about the models and outcomes so that we can move forward on the timeline outlined in strategic plan, but one year delayed.

Director of General Education
Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk, Professor of History

Director of Communications & Research Associate
Dr. Katherine Brackett, Research Assistant Professor of History

Graduate Assistant
Meredith Funderburk

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