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We are happy to announce that MTSU has approved a new General Education Curriculum, the True Blue Core. 

From Provost Mark Byrnes:

I am very happy to report that on May 20 the MTSU General Education Committee approved a new general education program—The True Blue Core with Explorations. The committee also recommended the establishment of a True Blue Core Center to coordinate assessment of the new program. This is big news.

The Latest Update 

For our campus community, click on the links to log in with your credentials and see the latest on the True Blue Core Implementation

February 17, 2023: Video Recording of the University Update with Q&A, transcript, and chat

February 17, 2023: PowerPoint Slide Deck True Blue Core University Update

October 14, 2022: PowerPoint Slide Deck True Blue Core Alignment with Current Curriculum Use slideshow or presenter view to see animations.



Distinctive to MTSU, the True Blue Core keeps the best of our current program while encouraging faculty innovation and student exploration. With 41 hours of lower division courses and 8 new student learning outcomes distributed over 5 categories, it is transfer friendly and aligns with our values.  The True Blue Core is designed to evolve with the campus community.

Launch: Fall 2024

Foundational Skills (12 hours)

Written Communication (6 hours) 

Non-Written Communication (3 hours) 

Quantitative Literacy (3 hours) 

Human Society and Social Relationships (6 hours) 

Scientific Literacy (8 hours) 

Creativity and Cultural Expression (9 hours)

History & Civic Learning (6 hours)

Course Approval Process

Faculty who would like to propose a course for the True Blue Core should contact us at

Check out our list of TBC approved courses for Fall 2024.

Learn more about our new student learning outcomes:

Quick Reference Guide to the True Blue Core Student Learning Outcomes

Alignment of New Catgories with Outcomes and Rubrics

Coming soon!

Our Current Timeline

More information about Explorations, Blueprints, and the True Blue Core Center



This website documents our redesign process. You’ll find information about what general education is as well as historical data about how we redesigned our curriculum and approved the True Blue Core. 

Looking for information about MTSU's current General Education Program? Click here.



Director of General Education
Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk
Professor of History

Implementation Coordinator
Dr. Christina Cobb
Assistant Professor, University Studies

Graduate Assistant
Mr. Thomas Hudson

Executive Aide
Ms. Angela Parrish

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