General Education Redesign: Building a University Core

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MTSU has been working on a major redesign of its general education curriculum for the last two years that will continue until implementation in Fall 2022. The decision to launch a general education redesign emerged in part as a response to the change in MTSU’s status from a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) to a locally governed institution. The 2004 redesign of general education was imposed on all TBR institutions and allowed little flexibility in creating a curriculum that was distinctive to MTSU.

The impetus for the current redesign came from Provost Mark Byrnes and is based on the premise that MTSU’s change in status gave us the freedom and the opportunity to imagine a redesigned, 21st century curriculum that is faculty-driven and potentially more congruent with MTSU’s identity. 

Over the past year, we have gathered data and feedback from the university community in various ways (focus groups, surveys, and more), all with the goal of uncovering how students, faculty, and administrators view general education, how they think it can be improved, and how it could better reflect MTSU’s institutional values and mission. Overwhelmingly, we learned that we have an excellent opportunity to help shape MTSU’s general education curriculum in positive, long-lasting ways that address the needs of students, faculty, administrators, and employers.

On this website, you’ll find information about what general education is, what redesign means, a general timeline for redesign, reports and data on general education at MTSU, the strategic plan for redesign, how to participate in the redesign now and in the future, as well as a place for you to reach out with questions or concerns about the process.

In Fall 2019, you can request a special presentation about the strategic plan and the ideas being considered for the new program. We will also be holding town hall meetings open to the university community, where you can learn more, workshop the qualities and components, and provide feedback.

We will continue conversations about redesign as transparently as possible, and invite you to participate and provide feedback throughout the process.

Have questions? See the FAQ or About us pages.

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Dr. Katherine Brackett, Research Assistant Professor of History

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