Strategic Plan

The True Blue Core: Building a 21st Century Curriculum

The strategic plan provides a map for creating a 21st century University Core and aligning University resources to support that Core through a process that engages the campus community and ultimately informs the public.

The strategic plan for creating a University Core is based on key values expressed by faculty and students through focus groups, surveys, interviews, and a strategic planning workshop during AY 2019-2020. The plan calls for a University Core that incorporates flexible options, provides core knowledge and skills, encourages student engagement and exploration, offers relevant and innovative content, and fosters an inclusive campus community.

Much remains to be done. In the next three years, we will select a new structure for the Core and develop new courses that will provide students with an intellectually exciting Core experience. We’ll also decide as a university community what we want to name our Core. At every step along the way, faculty and students will be invited to participate and provide feedback through town halls, lunch & learn opportunities, and surveys. Please take advantage of these opportunities.

Read about our strategic planning process here

Download the strategic plan in PDF format here

Read the strategic plan in flipbook format here

Read the comprehensive version with appendices & data here

If you are a faculty member or campus organization leader and would like a presentation on the strategic plan for your group, please reach out to us here to request one.

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