Brainstorming the Future of General Education; read Cathy Davidson, The New Education (completed)


  1. Starting the conversation: Two Faculty Learning Communities focused on intensive/extensive information gathering (completed)
  2. Review of data and strategic planning workshop (completed)
  3. Creation of a core design team and a redesign advisory board (completed)
  4. Core design team attendance at the AAC&U Institute in Summer 2019 on General Education Redesign (example: https://www.aacu.org/summerinstitutes/igea/2018) to generate a proposed program design for discussion and implementation—including program goals for assessment (completed)
  5. Development of a comprehensive communications plan about general education redesign (completed)
  6. Research how the current program functions and how long the current program has existed unchanged (completed)


  1. Town halls to workshop program components and qualities (completed)
  2. Departmental and college presentations on the components, qualities, and strategic plan (completed)

2020-2021 (timeline adjusted due to COVID-19)

  1. Design and approval of new curriculum structure
  2. Develop assessments for new curriculum structure
  3. Design structure for new components
  4. Articulation of outcomes for the transfer path and for the program

2021-2022 (timeline may be adjusted)

  1. Creation of a Core Implementation Team
  2. Develop criteria for all general education courses and pathways (if applicable)
  3. Pathways or gen ed minors design and approval (if applicable)
  4. Award redesign grants to faculty for redesigning their courses and/or proposing pathways or gen ed minors

2022-2023 (timeline may be adjusted)

  1. Implement any necessary changes in Banner
  2. Course and pathway (if applicable) proposal and approval
  3. Faculty workshops on new core
  4. University-wide presentations on new program
  5. Plan for roll out, including marketing at summer Freshman Customs
  6. Coordinate with THEC, neighboring institutions, and Enrollment Services on transferability
  7. Launch event for the new University Core

2023-2024 (timeline may be adjusted)

  1. First round of university core courses offered
  2. Ongoing review of university core and all of its components


Director of General Education
Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk, Professor of History

Director of Communications & Research Associate
Dr. Katherine Brackett, Research Assistant Professor of History

Graduate Assistant
Meredith Funderburk

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Institutional Memberships:

Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)

Association for General & Liberal Studies (AGLS)