Campus Quest: How To Play

(Note: This is a text-based version of the How To Play guide. We also offer a graphic version.)

Step 1: Choose a Task

Go to the scavenger hunt page to view the map and choose a task. They can be completed in any order. No tasks are required, but the number of tasks completed affects the chance of winning prizes. Helpful Hint: The minimum number of points earned to be entered into the drawing is 16.

Step 2: Complete the Task

Click the icon and a Google Form will open, with the task description and a spot to enter its code word. Complete the task to gain the code word. You will also find bonus tasks included in some of the tasks.

Step 3: Earn Points

Enter the code word on the form and submit it. You'll get 2 points per regular task and a varying number of points per bonus task.

Step 4: Try, Try Again!

Got it wrong on the first try?  That's okay!  Try again!  You can repeat each task any number of times in order to get the right answer.  (You'll receive the points for the task only once.) Return to the scavenger hunt page to choose your next task. 

Step 5: Reach Your Goal

Earn prize tickets based on the number of points earned. Tickets are cumulative: the more points you earn, the more tickets are entered into the prize drawing for you. 

16 points = 1 ticket

32 points = 2 tickets

48 points = 3 tickets

It is difficult but possible to get an extra ticket with bonus tasks. Earn 64 points for a total of 4 tickets.

Step 6: Pick Up Prizes

Tickets will be placed in a drawing to win prizes. There is a 1 prize limit per winner. Winners pick their prizes in the order that their names are drawn. Winners will be contacted about picking and collecting their prizes after August 26, so keep an eye on your email!

Prizes include 1 rolling backpack cooler, 4 drink tumblers, 1 blanket, 2 rain jackets, 1 metal wall decoration, and 1 tailgating bag.

Be sure to contact or text (615) 813-2154 if you have questions!