FAA Physicals

Airplane Student Health Services now provides the staff and faculty to have FAA physicals. Dr. Eric Clark and Dr. Devi Newcomb are FAA certified to perform the physicals. The physicals will be available by appointment only and will be charged a fee of $75 for first class and $60 for second and third class exams.

Requirements for FAA Physicals

  • Must be a MTSU student or faculty member of the Aerospace Department.
  • Must meet FAA qualifications for certificate class requesting.
  • Must bring valid photo identification.
  • Must be prepared to give urine sample during exam.
  • Requested that previous FAA license be brought to the exam.
  • Requested that current and previous FAA exam/history be brought to the exam plus confirmation number.
  • Must know total number of hours flown and number of hours flown in the last six months.

If you should have any questions or would like to make an appointment call 898-2988.

Scheduling a FAA Physical

  • Must schedule an appointment by phone or in person.
  • Prior to appointment, complete an FAA medical certificate application using the MedXPress website.
  • Go to the MedXPress website and Request an Account.
  • Check email for account information and assigned password.
  • Login to the MedXPress website with assigned password.
  • After medical history has been submitted, you will be given a confirmation number. You must bring with you to your appointment your confirmation number, printed completed 8500-8 application and valid picture ID. We are unable to perform your physical without this information.

* If you have not completed your online medical history by the time of your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule and pay a $10 rebooking fee.

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