Parents and Teachers as Partners: Supporting Students During Covid-19

In this podcast, MTSU Professors Angela Hooser and Shannon Harmon speak with local elementary school teachers about their experiences partnering with parents during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In addition to advice for parents, a specific focus on new ways teacher have worked with, been supported by, and learned from parents during this shifting educational landscape is shared.

Virtual Learning and Children with Special Needs with Dr. Alicia Pence

Dr. Alicia Pence, assistant professor in MTSU's Elementary and Special Education department interviews a local special education teacher on strategies for helping individuals with disabilities learn remotely.

Science at Home

Does it sink or does it float? What’s the best way to remove that grass stain from those shorts? Is hand sanitizer or soap more effective for washing hands? Today, Dr. Mangione shows us the science process skills we can take advantage of this summer. With practical examples and activities, you’ll be able to show your child how scientists think and learn about our world.