Transfer Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become involved in the Honors College?

There are at least four ways to become involved in the Honors College.

  • Register for an Honors class or two each semester (3.25 college GPA or higher required)
  • Become an Honors Associate which means completing 11 hours of upper-division Honors classes
  • Graduate from the Honors College which requires 29 Honors hours including a creative or research thesis
  • Get involved in other opportunities including publications, organizations, and national scholarships

What are the requirements to register for Honors classes at MTSU?

Any transfer student with a 3.25 cumulative GPA may elect to enroll in Honors classes. No special permits are required, and students do not have to plan to graduate from the Honors College.

How can I graduate from the Honors College?

Students may be able to count their Honors classes from other community colleges and universities towards the 23 hours required to graduate from the MTSU University Honors College. Up to 19 hours of other Honors transfer credit may be counted. To graduate from the Honors College, you must have 15 any level Honors classes and 8 upper-division classes including a thesis (UH 4900 and UH 4950), the lecture series (UH 3000), an interdisciplinary class (UH 3500 or 4600).

What does it mean to be an Honors Associate?

Students who lack the 15 any level Honors hours can earn an Honors Associate minor by receiving prior approval from the Honors College and completing the 11 upper-division hours including the Honors thesis, plus 3 hours of any level hors course or contract. Students will not graduate from the Honors College, but completing a thesis can help make students more competitive for graduate school. To qualify to complete the Honors Associate minor, students must have at least three semesters left before graduation, have a 3.25 college GPA, and should take an Honors-approved class on research/statistics in their major before starting the thesis proposal class (UH 4900).

What additional opportunities are available in the Honors College?

  • Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression
    Collage is run by a student editor and an editorial board, composed exclusively of students. An advisor  oversees this award-winning publication. The journal serves both as an outlet for the creative works of MTSU students and as a laboratory for those interested in publication and art criticism. To learn more about the publication or how to become involved, contact

  • Scientia et Humanitas
    An Honors publication that accepts articles in natural sciences, social sciences or humanities. For more information, contact

  • Undergraduate Fellowships Office
    The Undergraduate Fellowships Office (UFO) is housed in the Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building, Room 227. The primary objective for the UFO is to assist MTSU's undergraduates in competing for a range of prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships. Leadership and high GPAs are required for most fellowships. For more information, email

  • Omicron Delta Kappa
    OΔK was the first college honor society of a national scope to give recognition and honor for meritorious leadership and service in extracurricular activities and to encourage development of general campus citizenship. Students must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and should contact

Does the Transfer Fellowship pay for housing?

No, the Transfer Fellowship does not include housing. Students accepting the Fellowship may live where they choose. Students interested in living on campus should note that Lyon Hall is the Honors Living and Learning Community. This is not required but is a great option for Honors students looking to live on campus.

What if I am having issues accessing the application?

If you have issues accessing the application, first check your browser - Google Chrome works best for these forms. Second, make sure you accept cookies if given a prompt [click Accept in the blue band at the top of the page] or the application will not work properly. 

You do not have to complete the application in one session, but please save every 30 minutes or so. Please complete and submit your application several days before the deadline, as the Honors College is not responsible for technical issues or other computer issues that may occur.

If you continue to have technical issues with your PipelineMT account or Buchanan Fellowship Application, please contact or 615-898-5345. If you contact or call 615-898-5345, please tell them your name and M-number and that you need help creating your pipeline account.