Steps to Apply for the Transfer Fellowship

1. Apply to MTSU

Please apply to MTSU as soon as possible if you have not done so already. The Honors Transfer Fellowship Application cannot be started until your general admission’s application has been finalized. It is best to complete your application to MTSU in December or early January.

Admission questions can be directed to or 615-898-2111.

2. Create Your PipelineMT Account

Once you have applied to MTSU, you will receive your M-number by mail, which you can use to create your PipelineMT account. You will need your PipelineMT User Name and Password to access the Transfer Fellowship Application Form.

To create your account, browse to PipelineMT in a web browser, click “New User”, and then click on the “Students” button. More information on creating your student PipelineMT account can be found here.

3. Start Your Transfer Fellowship Application

Once your Pipeline user name and password is set up, you may start your Transfer Fellowship Application using the same User ID and password. To help avoid technical issues, use Google Chrome to complete your application.

The Transfer Fellowship Application requires an essay, transcripts (unofficial are fine), and two letters of recommendation. Each item may be attached to the application. If needed, recommendation letters may be mailed to the address listed below in part four of these instructions or uploaded to our secure portal (see link below). Recommendation letters must be emailed or postmarked by February 15th of the application year.

We highly recommend that you complete and submit your application several days before the application deadline, as the Honors College is not responsible for technical issues or other computer issues that may occur. Completed applications must be submitted by February 15th by 11:59 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST). No exceptions to this deadline will be considered.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required as part of the application. Applicants should make their best effort to find previous collegiate instructors to provide a letter but if they are unable to, they may ask an employer or supervisor to provide a letter. Letters must be signed and submitted on official letterhead. Applicants may attach the letter directly to the application, or the recommender may upload the letter to our secure portal (email if the portal doesn't work for you - no transcripts should be emailed, only recommendation letters) or mail them to the same address below in Step 5. The letter must be in the form of an attachment on official letterhead.

Ideally, letters should address the following:

  • Length of time and capacity in which the supporter has known the applicant.
  • Applicant’s strength of character and commitment to service and education.
  • Why the supporter believes the applicant deserves this scholarship.

5. College Transcripts

In addition to sending your official college transcripts to the admissions office as part of the general admission’s process, you must take an additional step and send another copy of your transcripts to the Honors College.

We cannot accept any transcripts through email.

Please use one of the steps below to submit your transcripts. 

Options to submit transcripts to the Honors College:

  • Preferred Method: Upload them directly into your Transfer Fellowship application. Look for the link called “College Transcripts.” Unofficial copies are acceptable at this stage.
  • Mail copies to the Honors College at:  MTSU Honors College, Transfer Fellowship Application Committee, Box 267, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. Mailed copies must be postmarked by February 15.
  • Use our secure portal to upload electronic versions of your transcripts if you were unable to attach them to your application. Unofficial copies are acceptable at this stage.

The 2024 Transfer Fellowship Application will be available in October, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions