Communications Discounts



19% OFF MONTHLY SERVICE; 25% off accessories



Sprint Perks offers employee benefits for MTSU employees . Please reference code GVUTN_ZZZ to ensure you receive your discount. See your nearest Sprint store for details.



  • Amplified Program- T-Mobile’s most premium plan with huge savings, 25% off 2 lines 33% off 4 lines (compared to same offers at T-Mobile Retail).
  • ONE Military- gives veterans, service members, and their families all the benefits of T-Mobile, up to 50% off line price.
  • Not Available in Stores --- New and existing customers call: (888) 256-5541
  • Promo code:  7366 TMOFAV
  • Rules and Restrictions May Apply - For additional information email:  Mimi.Ruiz@T-Mobile.Com    

For more information on these discounts please contact the providers above.

Human Resource Services 

Middle Tennessee State University 
2269 Middle Tennessee Boulevard 
204 Sam H. Ingram Building 
Murfreesboro, TN  37132-0001