Classification Guidelines and Procedures

Consistent with Middle Tennessee State University's compensation program the following procedures have been adopted with respect to assigning new hire salaries, reclassifications, lateral transfers, rehires and internal promotion/demotion personnel actions:

Administrative/Classified Employees

New Hires: Salary recommendations for new hires will be based on relevant experience for the position vacancy and applied up to the midpoint of the salary range. Exceptions can be approved by the Division Vice President up to the midpoint of the salary range. Exceptions over the midpoint of the salary range will require the approval of the President.

Relevant experience will be defined as the candidate's previous paid, professional work experiences that are consistent with the essential functions of the position that the new hire will be performing. Work performed as a student, graduate assistant or intern will not be considered as relevant experience for purposes of this policy.

Internal Promotions: Salary recommendations for internal promotions will be based on the number of relevant years of work experience that qualifies the employee for promotional opportunity or a 6% increase of the current salary, whichever is greater, up to the midpoint of the new range. Exceptions can be approved by the Division Vice President up to the midpoint of the salary range. Exceptions over the midpoint of the salary range require the approval of the President.

Demotions: Voluntary or involuntary demotions may occur when an employee moves from a job at a higher pay grade to a job in a lower pay grade. In the case of demotions, the Department Manager, along with the Human Resources Services Department will determine if a reduction in the employee's salary is appropriate. The Division Vice President will review and approve the recommendation.

Reclassifications: When a position is reclassified to a higher salary grade, the incumbent employee will receive a 6% increase to their current salary or an increase that is equal to the minimum of the new salary range, whichever is greater. Employees whose positions are reclassified more than one pay grade will receive a 9% increase.  If the employee's current salary is above the maximum of the new pay grade, no increase in salary will be awarded.  If a reclassification audit has been denied, it may be resubmitted for consideration one year from the date of the audit results if new significant duties have been performed for a minimum of six (6) months.

Lateral Transfers: An employee who transfers to another position within the University that is the same salary grade as their present position will not be eligible for any increase in their salary.

Degree Completion: Administrative and classified employees are not eligible for salary adjustments for the completion of college degrees.

Maximum of Salary Range: When an employee reaches the maximum of their salary range or their current rate of pay exceeds the maximum of their salary range, they are no longer eligible for further salary increases unless an exception is granted by the President, mandated by legislative action or directed by the MTSU Board of Trustees.

Human Resource Services 

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