University Assessment Committee



Committee Members

Professor Layne Bryant, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, University College

Dr. Christina Cobb, Associate Professor, University College

Dr. Saeed Faroudastan, Associate Dean, College of Basic and Applied Science

David Foster, Director of Marketing, VP Marketing and Communications

Jeff Gibson, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Christy Groves, Associate Dean, James E. Walker Library

Drew Harpool, Assistant VP Compliance/Risk Mgmt, VP Business and Finance

Dan Kelley, Assistant Vice President, Asst VP of Student Life

Dr. Dawn McCormack, Vice Provost, College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk, Director, General Education

Dr. Phillip Phillips, Associate Dean, Honors College

Dr. Robyn Ridgley, Associate Dean, College of Education

Dr. Sean Salter, Associate Professor, Jones College of Busines

Ronda Vaughter, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Services

Dr. Lee Wade, Interim Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

Tom Wallace, Senior IT Auditor, Information Security Services

Dr. Jennifer Woodard, Associate Dean, College of Media and Entertainment


Dr. Mary Hoffschwelle, Associate Provost

Lisa Bass, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research