About the Institute

group outsideThe Institute of Leadership Excellence provides a unique, interdisciplinary, total-immersion experience in leadership and leadership development for promising students from across the University.

The Institute of Leadership Excellence is a highly intensive and remarkably unique experience involving a carefully designed sequence of lectures, discussions, activities, and reflective exercises focused on developing your understanding of and ability to apply critical leadership principles and skills.

We have designed the Institute of Leadership Excellence to be purposefully intense. To provide the right kind of experience for you, the Institute requires that you attend all morning and afternoon sessions every day.

The Institute is scheduled for the first week of the S3A Summer Term so that you can attend the Institute and still work the rest of the summer or take other classes during the remaining summer sessions.

The Institute includes a wide range of experiences from group ice breakers and team-building to classroom lectures, interactive topic discussions, focus-group activities, and team projects.


You will study leadership theory and practice through a combination of lecture, discussion, activities, speakers, and interaction with classmates, with a clear focus on application and experiential learning.

You will hear from accomplished leaders about how they developed their own leadership abilities, and what leadership means to them as they apply it in their own fields of endeavor.



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