Student Accounts

When a student is admitted to MTSU two accounts are created. They are your Pipeline MT account and your MTSU email account. At first glance these two accounts appear to be the same, they do share many of the same features and the passwords for them can be set to be the same. The accounts are unique and have specific properties.

Pipeline MT

The Pipeline MT account is use to access to access the University’s secure management portal. Through Pipeline MT portal you can register for classes, manage financial aid and edit personal information about you.

The Pipeline MT username is typically your initials with a number and letter at the end. Click here to create your first password.

When logging in for the first time without a username you will need to have your MTSU ID number. The MTSU ID sometimes referred to as M# is found in your acceptance letter or on your Blue ID University picture ID card.

Resetting the password for the account can be done through the same link, by clicking on the forgot password button on the right side of the Pipeline MT page or by going to the Change Password page, clicking on the correct link, and following the steps.

Your Pipeline MT username and password are used to login to:

  • D2L
  • register devices on the wireless network
  • login to library database from off campus

MTSU Email

Your MTSU email often called your Office 365 account is how all official correspondence from the University will be retrieved. You can access you email account from a link inside Pipeline MT or online.

Your username for your email account is your email address. The email address will be your PipelineMT username The password for the MTMail is typically set when you create a password for PipelineMT. If you need to change the password go to the password recovery tool.

MTMail accounts are only granted to current students. If you leave the University the account is typically closed after a year’s absences. If you graduate from MTSU you get to keep the account.

Your student email username and password is what you will use to login to most computers in computer labs on campus.


Passwords created for MTSU accounts need to meet certain standards. Your new password must be 8 to 24 characters in length and must contain at least 3 of the following 4 items.

Your password need to have:

  • The password needs at least 1 upper case letter.
  • The password needs at least 1 lower case letters.
  • The password needs at least 1 number digit.
  • The password needs at least 1 special character. ie. !, $, {, ? , +

Certain special characters are not permitted - # (pound sign),@ (commercial at), ‘ (single quote), “ (double quote), \ (black slash), space or tab.

A dash (-) may not be used as the first character in your password.

Your password must not contain your username or your first or last name.

You should also avoid numbers in a sequence (1,2,3,4,5) or letter that are next to each other on the keyboard (asdfg). Avoid the word password and mtsu.

Some MTSU accounts can only be changed once with-in a 24 hour period.

Student Account Expectations

Creation of a student account means that the student is aware of and accepts MTSU’s published policies and procedures, including:

Password recovery

You can reset your password in multiple ways and from multiple locations. Common locations are:

If you have questions or problem please call the Information Technology Help Desk at 615-898-5345 or by email at

ITD Help Desk

Sun: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Mon-Thur: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Fri: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Sat: 10:00am – 4:00pm

(615) 898-5345
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The ITD Help Desk is located in KUC 320.

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