Wireless Access

For wireless access within the coverage area on campus, simply configure your wireless software to use the wireless network WLANMTSU. It is important that you choose "Infrastructure Mode" in your wireless software. Choosing "Any Available Network" or "Ad Hoc" modes could create an unsecured situation by connecting your computer to another wireless computer. Open a web browser to any page and you will automatically be redirected to the MTSU Network Registration page.

Enter your PipelineMT username and password to register your device for complete access. For Windows users, this will require the download and installation of the Extreme NAC Agent, a small piece of software that helps ensure the computer meets acceptable security configurations. For MTSU guests (those who are not students or employees), guest access is available via clicking the Guest button and registration of your device. Guest access is limited to one day after which the device needs to be registered again. Guest access does not provide access to most MTSU networked resources.

Wireless service is available in all classroom buildings on campus. Campus housing utilizes a separate wireless service and is available in all residence halls. Coverage is constantly expanded and upgraded. Actual coverage varies based on numerous factors, to include but not limited to: type of network adapter, PC battery power, and number of people in the area.

Note that wireless networks are less secure than hardwired connections, therefore it is recommended that for any transactions that involve sensitive data that SSL or SSH encryption is used. Encryption means the data is scrambled so that it cannot be read by anyone else while in transit over a network. Web sites using encryption for transmission generally begin with "https" instead of "http" and a small padlock icon appearing at the bottom of browser windows.

The MTSU wireless network supports the 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11ac wireless standards.

If you have any questions or problems with your wireless connection, please call the Information Technology Help Desk at (615) 898-5345 or help@mtsu.edu.

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