Technical Services

Conferencing Information

Audio and video conferencing is easy at MTSU with Skype for Business.


Telecommunication Services has speakerphone devices available for use. These phones allow a better quality speakerphone call than other phones by having full duplex conversation, special circuitry, large speakers, and high quality microphones.

For frequent use, we recommend departments purchase a speakerphone and phone service to be installed permanently. For occasional use, speakerphones are installed for users for a nominal charge (long distance charges may also apply). The charge for installing a speakerphone for one-time use (phone and service) is $80. There is a $40 charge for each additional day of use. If inside wiring is necessary there could be additional charges.

For those departments that make frequent speakerphone calls, it may be to their advantage to purchase their own speakerphone rather than pay per use. The one-time cost, including installation, of the Polycom CX3000 conferencing unit is $800. The recurring cost for the phone line is $20 per month. If inside wiring is necessary there could be additional one-time charges.

There are a limited number of speakerphones available for use, so reserve your use of a phone at least one to two weeks ahead of time. Submit your request for speakerphone use by sending an email to Telecommunication Services at The following information is needed to complete your request:

  • Date and time of day the speakerphone is needed
  • Date and time of day when the speakerphone can be removed
  • Building, Floor, and Room where the speakerphone will be installed
  • Index to charge
  • Local contact person for any questions about the request.

Directory / Operator Services

  • Search for Faculty & Staff within MTSU's Online Directory.
  • Updates to employee directory information should be done through the self service option on PipelineMT.

Speech Recognition Directory

The speech recognition directory is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing 5000 from on campus, or 615-898-5000 from off campus. This service provides directory information for departments and employees, as well as driving directions. For questions concerning the speech recognition directory, or to request an update to departmental directory information, please contact Telecommunication Services at 615-898-2991.

Campus Operator

Campus operators are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 4:30pm, with the exception of university-designated holidays, to assist callers with directory information for departments and employees. Campus operators can be reached by dialing 0 from on campus, or 615-898-2300 from off campus. 

AT&T Directory

Telecommunication Services maintains the MTSU white pages listing, as well as MTSU advertising in the yellow pages, of the AT&T directory. Questions concerning the AT&T white or yellow pages should be directed to Telecommunication Services at 615-898-2991.

Installations, Moves, Changes, or Deletions

For new installations, moves, changes, or deletions please send email to with a detailed description of work request. The email must include the following:

  • department index number to be charged
  • date for work to be completed (must allow two weeks from request date)
  • description of work to be performed
  • contact name and phone number

Check our Administrative Rates table for additional information regarding costs associated with new installations and moves.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are available to departments, allowing toll-free calling for callers from around the 48 contiguous states. Departments pay a low cost-per-minute charge for each call, with no connection charges, minimum fees, or monthly minimum charges. Please contact Telecommunication Services at 615-898-2991 for questions about toll-free numbers or to request toll-free service.

Wireless Service

Corporate Accounts

Wireless services should be set up in accordance with MTSU Policy and Procedures Manual policy 667 - Wireless Telephone and Data Service. Employees needing wireless telephone service for business purposes should obtain wireless telephone service under a personal-liable account and submit appropriate allowance forms to Human Resource Services for reimbursement.

Departments needing to establish wireless data service through the use of a wireless data card should contact Telecommunication Services at 615-898-2991.

Personal Accounts

Many wireless providers extend discounts to MTSU employees. Please contact your wireless provider for more information regarding the discounts they offer to MTSU employees.



ITD Help Desk

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Sun: 12pm – 6pm 
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Fri: 8am – 4:30pm
10am – 4:30pm 

For students and staff who are unable to access the main Help Desk located in KUC 320, please call or email to schedule a meeting at our satellite office located in the ROTC Annex.  

(615) 898-5345
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