New additions for 2019: Eilat, Israel, and Petra, Jordan! Scroll down for details.

Read about MTSU Study Abroad in Israel from the perspective of two 2016 participants in this excerpt from the latest Honors College magazine. 


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2019 will be the seventh year for the MTSU Faculty-Led Study Abroad program to Israel, and the 7th year comes with some exciting new additions to the trip. In addition to all of the previous sites, we will visit Eilat, Israel, and Petra, Jordan. We will also spend one night in Tel Aviv for the first time this year. While in Israel, we will be accompanied by a professional guide and historian, Ronny Simon.  Instruction in Israel will occur on site and in transit in English (our classroom will be Israel!).  Dr. Petersen will provide course instruction prior to the trip as well.  Students will have the opportunity to study the history of Israel as both a nation and a state along with the politics of modern, democratic Israel.  We will visit many of the major Judeo-Christian sites during our tour as these locations are significant to the history of Israel and the relationship between Israel and the United States.  Site visits (scheduled) include: the Golan Heights, the Knesset, significant areas from the 1948 and 1967 wars, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Masada, Petra and more.

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2019 Flyer & Itinerary




When are we going?

We will depart Nashville on July 16 and return to Nashville on July 29.

Which cities will we visit?

We are based in Netanya, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Eilat, and Tel Aviv.  Our trip includes sites from Israel's northern border in the Golan Heights to the Red Sea in the south, numerous locations in and around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv/Joppa, Petra, Jordan, and more.  Check out the itinerary here.

What will we do?

We learn about the geography, history, and politics of Israel, and discuss the future of the Middle East.  We also cover religion, anthropology, archaeology, and other topics.  All of the instruction occurs at site visits.  The trip is a physically active experience.  We do have a lot of fun!

Which course is associated with the trip?

The course is an upper-division political science course (PS4850) with no pre-requisite requirements.  Students can use the course for majors or minors in Political Science, International Relations, Global Studies, Religious Studies, Jewish & Holocaust Studies, or Middle East Studies.  The course may be used in other programs with permission of the program advisor.

What is the application deadline?

There is no deadline for applications. The trip is open until full, so apply as soon as you are ready to commit. Your first payment is not due until November 30th or later (See below).

How much does it cost? 

The trip cost varies depending on the number of travelers.  The range is $5,000 to $5,500.  The cost INCLUDES: roundtrip airfare from Nashville, private transportation in Israel, a driver, a guide, all entrance fees, all lodging in Israel (double or triple rooms), breakfast and dinner every day, and trip insurance.  Lunch daily, personal expenses, and tuition are not included in the cost.  In-state students should receive a 25% discount on course tuition.  Scholarships are available to MTSU students enrolled in the course (see below).

Is the Israel trip more expensive than other programs?

Because we include most of the expenses in the program fee, our trip may appear more expensive.  However, you need to understand what you are paying for in the program fee (see above).  The MTSU Office of Education Abroad has created a cost comparison sheet you can use to evaluate the cost of different programs. 

When do I have to pay you?

The program fee is paid in installments (see below).  If you need to make alternate payment arrangements, please contact us.  We may be able to be somewhat flexible with the payment dates.

Payment Deadlines:

First payment:  $1500.00, Due December 3, 2018, for students who want to be considered for the new Commitment Scholarship. The first eight students who meet the criteria and make this payment are eligible for the new Education Abroad Commitment Scholarship. Applicants are responsible for providing the required information and proof of payment for the scholarship. For all others, the first payment is due January 18, 2019.

Second payment:  $2000.00, February 22, 2019

Third Payment: Remaining Balance, May 17, 2019

Is it safe?

Millions of people visit Israel each year, including hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens. While the security situation is complex, travel within Israel and transit through the disputed territories in the West Bank is widely considered safe (see the U.S. Department of State). Travel to Gaza and to Palestinian-secured cities in the disputed territories is not recommended nor included in our itinerary.  Petty crime (theft) in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem exists but is comparable to or lower than that of most similar-sized cities (the U.S. Department of State rates Israel as “medium” risk for crime with lower rates of violent crime in Tel Aviv than in similar cities). Situational awareness, which we cover at orientation and as needed when in country, is the best protection against petty crime.  We cannot guarantee your safety in Israel or even in Murfreesboro. However, we have traveled to Israel many times and continue to do so every year. We travel with family members, including children. If we thought the risk from travel unreasonable, we would not continue to visit.

According to a report prepared for the Chronicle of Higher Education, study abroad, in general, is safer than being on your home campus.

Do I need to speak Hebrew?

The language of instruction is English, and English (along with Hebrew and Arabic) is spoken widely in Israel.  Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary.  


I want to go! What do I do next?

See How to Apply below!

How to Apply

1) Review the FlyerItinerary, and Syllabus for details.

2) You can apply online or fill out the application and submit to Karen Petersen in Todd 231 or via email.

Scholarships and Financial Aid


MTSU Office of Education Abroad Scholarships

MTSU College of Liberal Arts Scholarship

Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship

Honors College (Hannah/Harris Study Abroad Scholarship)

MTSU Financial Aid (including Lottery, Pell, etc.)

NAFSA Funding Study Abroad List

IIE Funding Data Base

Jewish National Fund

Jewish Federation of Nashville


Questions?  Stop by Todd Hall 231 or email Dr. Petersen