Students in Liberal Arts disciplines are uniquely prepared for the job market with a foundation of communication, analytical, and problem solving skills. Now, it is up to you to decide where you want to apply those skills – which industry, job field, etc.

Internships provide opportunities to learn by doing, and are great ways to test-drive a possible career, get your foot in the door, and start building a professional network. As a bonus, you might get paid or receive academic credit!

For Students 

Interested in completing an internship but not sure where to start?

  • Visit the Career Center to talk with a Career Advisor
  • Talk with your Academic Advisor
  • Talk with your Faculty Advisor, Department Chair, or Departmental Internship Coordinator


Internships are a great way for employers to build relationships with students at Middle Tennessee State University and recruit great talent into their organizations. Whether you are creating your first internship program or returning to hire more College of Liberal Arts students, we are here to help.

A successful internship should be designed to meet both the needs of the organization and the learning goals of the student. Are you ready to partner in getting top talent for your organization and providing a meaningful career development and exploration experience for MTSU students?

Don Srisuriyo
Student Engagement Coordinator

You may post your internship position on Handshake, MTSU's career services platform. For more information, visit the Career Center website.