Liberal Arts Mentoring Program (LAMP)

The Liberal Arts Mentoring Program (LAMP) is an initiative in the College of Liberal Arts with the goal of connecting freshmen and first-time transfers to peer mentors within our college who are prepared to help navigate the first year. Mentors provide support and guidance to first year students as they adjust to college life and start to develop marketable skills in the liberal arts. They share their familiarity with campus life, resources, and personal experiences in CLA. By creating connections between new and more experienced students, the program personalizes the MTSU CLA experience and creates opportunities for rewarding interpersonal relationships.


  • To provide new students with the information, support, and encouragement they need to be successful at MTSU and in the College of Liberal Arts;
  • To help new students connect with a student mentor and other peers in meaningful, positive ways;
  • To foster an inclusive environment that is rewarding for mentors and mentees where they become active partners in shared learning experiences through programs, services, and relationships;
  • To advance knowledge about campus services;
  • To help establish career and educational goals.

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The hardest part about starting a new chapter in life is knowing where to begin; however, a new beginning doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Mentees have someone that looks out for them, and they can learn how to endure and thrive their first academic year at MTSU from their mentor’s personal experience and institutional knowledge. Mentees develop and strengthen skills in goal setting, judgement and decision making, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Most importantly, mentees establish their support network and understand campus resources early on in their academic career to persevere and succeed. Being mentored is a personal experience that you will carry with you for a lifetime and more.

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Wisdom is meant to be shared with those who come right after you, and sharing personal experience supports and guides people to a better and brighter future. Mentors regularly communicate with their mentees to connect them with campus resources, encourage them throughout their first academic year at MTSU, and engage them with the CLA community and the greater MTSU community. Mentors develop and strengthen skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Most importantly, mentors demonstrate themselves as rising professionals with their academic knowledge, institutional knowledge, and personal experience. Serving as a mentor is a rewarding experience, and the impact mentors can make lasts a lifetime and more.

Applications for 2024-25 Mentor positions will be available in Spring 2024.

LAMP Mentor Registration & Information

2023-2024 Mentors

J’Niya Challenger
Music Industry

Caitlin Foster
Organizational Communication

Lily Hall

Tristan Howard
Japanese & Environmental Sciences

Emma Oxford

Leanna Thomas

Elizabeth Webb


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