The College of Liberal Arts Student Emissaries

Student Emissaries



Logan BarrettLogan Barrett

Murfreesboro, TN
Music Performance

“I want to give back to the college that had given so much to me in the last 3 years.”

Megan BolerjackMegan Bolerjack

Gilbert, TN
Art, Graphic Design

“It (graphic design) allows you to connect with people through art and express yourself through more than just words.”

Allyson CapuanoAllyson Capuano

Southbridge, MA
Minor: Biology

“It (a liberal arts degree) makes you a well-rounded individual.  You can go on to do many thing with it.”

Alexandra ChatmanAlexandra Chatman

Jackson, TN
English (Secondary Education)
Minor: African American Studies

“In my opinion, a Liberal Arts major is valuable because it helps to cultivate the mind and allows a space for creativity.  The major helps the student learn to think critically and teaches important skills that are useful in any career.”

Matthew EllisMatthew Ellis

Antioch, TN

“A Liberal Arts degree teaches many critical thinking, researching, and writing skills that are simply not focused on in other fields.”

Joshua HedricksJoshua Hendricks

Jefferson City, TN
Communication Studies
Minor: Political Science

“I believe in education that focuses on critical thinking.  The CLA does more than train us for task-focused job.  If I can help new or transferring students to understand the totality of what the CLA offers , I can help change their world.”

Ashlin MurphyAshlin Murphy

Smyrna, TN
Political Science: Pre-Law

“Being able to connect with others is really the foundation of society, and the majors in the College of Liberal Arts teach you how to do this.”

Deanna SekulichDeanna Sekulich

Manchester, TN
Minor: Chemistry

 “A Liberal Arts major ensures that all its students are well rounded not only in the aspects of their major, but also with other subjects and majors around them to make graduates capable of careers that require interdisciplinary skillsets. Having a Liberal Arts degree makes me more marketable when I apply for a future job.”

Student Emissaries