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Remote Work Spaces for Students

Do you have a schedule with both on-campus and remote classes? During the Spring 2021 semester, our departments will open some classrooms for student use. For instance, if you have a TR 8:00 AM class in Peck Hall and a TR 9:40 AM class that is remote, we want you to have a space on campus were you can focus on your work. While using these spaces, please be respectful of others and follow the University's posted safety guidelines. Masks are required at all times while inside campus buildings, and you must allow for adequate social distancing of at least six feet between people.  Availability will be posted at each designated classroom.  

Note: We encourage you to make use of outdoor spaces whenever possible. In addition to the existing spaces in the Peck Hall courtyard and Walnut Grove, 25 new picnic tables were added across campus for your use.