What I should know after applying to live on campus

What is self-assignment?

Self-assignment is the process of logging into the room assignment system to select your assignment location.  This process is very much like selecting seating at the symphony or sporting venues.

What must I understand before beginning the self-assignment process?

  1. You cannot successfully utilize the system using a cell phone, iPad, or most high school networks due to your high school’s restrictive settings.
  2. If pop-up blockers are enabled, you must act to DISABLE them before beginning the process.  
  3. If your Pipeline and email passwords are not the same, you must act to change both of them.  To change these, you may go to Pipeline and on the right-hand side will be an option that says, “Forgot Your Password.”  Be sure to mark that you want both passwords to be the same.  Please note, reset time is approximately 15 minutes so do this well in advance of your time to select or be prepared to experience a delay. 
  4. Make sure the computer you use to self-assign has a printer so that you may print your assignment information at the end of the process.

How do I approach self-assignment?

  1. To prepare yourself for self-assignment you should have several options or assignment locations in mind in case your first choice is not available.
  2. If you have a requested roommate, you and that individual will need to be in the same room or on the phone to communicate your self-assignment preferences and verify that you have both selected the identical building and room number in order to insure the roommate match..
  3. At the bottom of the self-selection page you can view information in the form of visual maps or data on tables. The standard view is set to Maps but to toggle between maps and data click “Display Table” in the upper right corner.  The listing of available spaces by location is available in both views.  The format for available rooms by location is Community: Area (# of spaces).  If you click on one of the listings, you will see a corresponding map appear.  If you move the cursor over the map, you will see the same information found under available spaces by location.  On the map locations available spaces will be indicated by a GREEN icon Green Bed.  If an area is not indicated in green, it is not an assignable location.  Maps can show you all buildings within an area, specific buildings, and floors within a specific building with spaces or rooms with beds available.  It will show bed spaces in relationship to other rooms on a floor. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this information before making your selection.  

If you are not interested in where the room is in relationship to another room, then we suggest you use the Display Table.  The table will give you the same available information without pictures.  

You can click on any red bed space [a RED iconRed Bed indicates space is occupied] within the room you are considering and see the name of the person assigned at that location [provided they have released that information].  Please do not interpret a withheld name as an indicator of an individual’s questionable character but as a personal preference indicator for identity protection.  In fact this student is being very careful.  Please consider the fact that any student making their name available has just allowed any person to see where they are assigned within a specific building.  

When does self-assignment begin?

Current Residents:

Self-assignment for current residents will begin in October [see important dates; click on dates] for a future academic year to include both the fall and spring terms and will continue on a first come - first served basis to February 1st for priority assignments.  After February 1st current residents will lose priority assignment privileges and will become considered new applicants for the assignment process.  

New Students or current residents not participating in priority assignment:

Self-assignment will begin on March 1st and will continue to July 1st based on continued availability for all new students or current residents not participating in priority assignment.

Beginning July 1st assignments will be made by the housing staff on a first come - first served basis to any remaining available space.  

Because spring and summer spaces are limited or restricted to specific locations, self-assignment will not be available.

When does self-assignment end?

The self-assignment process will end on June 29th for both current and new students.

How do I know when I can self-assign?

Students with a completed application process are eligible for self-assignment and will be notified of their “open date” by email at their MTSU email address ONLY.  After mid-June students who complete the application process are assigned by housing staff on a first come, first served basis.

What is a completed application?

A student with a completed application will have submitted an application with the required $300.00 prepayment, signed the sex offender form, indicated the period for which they are applying, and Health Services will have verified proof of meningitis vaccination since their 16th birthday and within the last 5 years.  

What is the “open date”?

This is the first date that a student will have the opportunity to self-assign. See When does self-assignment begin?

What if I miss the self-assignment deadline of June 29th?

Students will receive notice of their open date or first opportunity to make a self-assignment at their MTSU email account. Self-assignment will remain open for this student until they self-assign or until June 29th. Students who fail to self-assign by June 29th will be assigned by housing staff to available spaces with consideration given to requested accommodations listed on your housing application.

What if my requested roommate completes his/her application process after me or is a new applicant and I am a returning student?

Mutual roommate requests are strongly encouraged to coordinate completed applications so that both students are eligible to self-assign at the same time.  If your requested roommate does not complete the application process at the same time as you or is a new student while you are a returning student, you may wait to self-assign yourself when your roommate is able to do so or you may choose to assign yourself when the process is available to you with the understanding that no space will be reserved for your roommate.

What if I have problems with logging into the self-assignment process?

If you have problems logging into the system, you may call Housing at 615-898-2971.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What if I want to live in a living-learning community?

If you want to participate in a living-learning community, you may do so by choosing a space in the building which houses the learning community. 

When will I know who my roommate is?

You should be able to see roommate information at the time of selection if: [1] you select a location that has another student assigned at that location, and [2] if that student allowed students to see their information.  If you fail to select a room where someone is assigned, the person selecting the space after you will see your information provided you allowed them to see it and they have the option to contact you.  If neither of you allowed your information to be seen, you will not know your roommate until the time of check in.

How do I see information about a potential roommate?

If you are viewing the Search Results by map, you will click on a red bed to see information about the student assigned to that space.

If you are viewing the Search Results by table, you will click on the student’s name to see information about the student assigned to that space.  If the student elected to not show his/her name, you will click on “Name has been marked as private.”  In this case you will not see the student’s name but you may see some information about the student. 

Once I complete the self-assignment process, am I guaranteed “that” space?

The University reserves the right to make all premise assignments and to make any changes or transfers at the University’s discretion without notice, however, we will do our best to honor the self-assignment process and keep you in the location you selected.

What if I want to make an assignment change?

If you decide you want to change where you are assigned after you have completed the self-assignment process, you may send an email to Housing at  Please be sure to include your complete name and MTSU ID number as well as information about the change you would like to make.  If your request is received during the “open date”, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know when to self-assign again.  CAUTION!  To self-assign, a student CANNOT be assigned. This means when you are set to self-assign again you will FORFEIT your current assignment location.  There is NO guarantee that your current assignment location will remain available to go back to if you cannot find what you thought you wanted. 

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Housing assignments come to MTSU email accounts, so check often.

  • Meningococcal vaccination required for room assignment.

    Click here for more information. Fax documentation to 615-898-5459 or email