Minor in Management

Management Minor

Deana Raffo, Advisor

A minor in Management consists of 15 hours. Transfer students minoring in Management are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of coursework in management at Middle Tennessee State University. A 2.00 GPA is required.

Required Courses (6 hours)


  • MGMT 3610 - Principles of Management  3 credit hours  
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    MGMT 3610 - Principles of Management

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Concepts of the management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling with an emphasis on behavioral science concepts as applied to managing people in organizations.

  • MGMT 3620 - Supply Chain Operations

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Junior standing. Focuses on the integration between supply chain operations strategies/decisions and their impact on other business functions in an organization. Examines operations management concepts using a global supply chain perspective. Covers topics such as inventory management, lean/just in time, project management, and supply-demand matching. Overarching goal of using supply chain operations strategies to develop a business competitive advantage reinforced. This is a writing-intensive course.

Electives (9 hours)

  • 9 hours of upper-division management courses approved by the department coordinator

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