The College of Media and Entertainment:                       Committed to excellence, focused on the future

The College of Media and Entertainment is a unique institution encompassing the full range of media and communication.  In an era of global and instantaneous communication, the ability to clearly convey ideas to diverse audiences has never been more important. 

The college is committed to: 

  • Providing a well-rounded and substantive education that gives students a comprehensive understanding of society and the world.
  • Creating a dynamic learning environment, pairing rich classroom instruction with hand-on opportunities.
  • Offering a contemporary curriculum that gives students the insights and skills that they will need to be successful in the fields they pursue.
  • Embracing innovation, giving our students access to emerging technologies and tools.
  • Building relationships with leading media and entertainment professionals and drawing on their expertise to enhance the college’s programs and curriculum.
  • Tapping the insights and support of the college’s alumni to strengthen our program and extend our ties to the professional community.
  • Fostering respect for diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.
  • Instilling support for First Amendment freedoms and the crucial role media play in a free society.