Accelerated Bachelor's-To-Master's Program

The Acceclerated Bachelor's-to-Master's (ABM) program allows students at MTSU to start working towards an MSPS degree as they finish their bachelor's.  Students accepted into the program can take up to 12 hours of graduate-level coursework that will apply to both their bachelor's and master's degrees.  

ABM Advantages

  • saves time:  decreases time-to-graduate with master's degree
  • costs less:  pay undergraduate rates for up to 12 graduate credit hours
  • be competitive:  succeeding in graduate-level courses as an undergraduate increases your competitiveness for graduate or professional schools

Note:  Students choosing to enter the ABM program and take the graduate-level courses are under no obligation to enter an MSPS program.  

ABM Programs for MSPS

ABM Program Requirements

To enter into the ABM program for an MSPS degree, undergraduate students enrolled at MTSU must:

  • have a GPA of at least 3.25
  • have completed a minimum of seventy-five (75) credit hours in an undergraduate program (including advanced placement credits)
  • have at least 2 full-time semesters of undergraduate coursework remaining at the time of application
  • (if a transfer student) must have completed a minimum of 2 semesters as a full-time student at MTSU
  • meet program-specific requirements (see below)

Program-specific ABM Requirements

  • Actuarial Sciences:  students must have completed Calculus I, II, and III and Linear Algebra
  • Biostatistics:  students must have completed Calculus I, II, and III and Linear Algebra

How To Enter An ABM MSPS Program

  1. Meet with the Program Coordinator (see above) to begin application for entrance and to go over degree requirements.
  2. Meet each semester with your undergraduate academic advisor to track your progress. Contact  your academic advisor if any issues arise or any course changes are needed. 
  3. Apply to graduate school after you have filed your Intent to Graduate and indicate you are an ABM student.



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