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The MT Engage scholarship is open to all students in all majors. Scholarship applicants create an ePortfolio presentation showcasing their developing knowledge, skills and abilities. By reflecting on and connecting the dots between their life experiences, coursework, and professional goals, the ePortfolio supports students in considering how they can continue learning and growing so that they will be equipped to respond to new challenges.  

Your donation will allow more students to benefit from the financial support of the MT Engage scholarship. Some may no longer need to work a second job, allowing them to focus more time and energy on their studies. For some, receiving the scholarship confirms that they belong at MTSU. For others, the scholarship is the catalyst that leads them to pursue new academic opportunities. The MT Engage scholarship helps students realize what is possible as they develop a new vision of themselves and their futures.  

Help our students envision and achieve their goals. Enter MT Engage in the designation box when you make your gift.  

To learn more and see past scholarship recipients' ePortfolio presentations, visit

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