Welcome to Student Unions web site at Middle Tennessee State University!

We hope you enjoy your time on our website exploring our facilities and learning about what we have to offer. If you have any questions, please contact someone on our Student Unions staff.


Justin Reed, Director

(615) 898-2591

Jennie Bryan, Asst. Director

(615) 898-2689

Tiffany Fantine, Events Coordinator

(615) 494-7887

Vacant, Technical Specialist




Mission Statement

It is the mission of MTSU's Student Union department to provide convenient, high-quality facilities and efficient services to support the University community. Student Union facilities (Student UnionKeathley University Center and the James Union Building) are the community centers of the campus and provide a shared home for the University; welcoming students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents and guests.

Student Unions acts as both a facility and a program designed to enhance campus life and advance the University's educational mission. These facilities include ballrooms, dining rooms, food courts, movie theaters, meeting rooms, a bookstore, a post office, a game room, a mini-market, and several Division of Student Affairs offices. 


* Now accepting applications for Set-up Crew