KUC Open Space

KUC Table Reservations

Space may be reserved for the 2nd floor lobby of the KUC. Only MTSU Departments and MTSU Student Organizations are allowed to reserve these spaces.

If an employment company would like to visit MTSU for recruiting purposes, they must go through MTSU's Career Development Center. If a company would like to solicit sales/vend products on campus, they must follow the procedures listed here.

These areas are ideal for the purpose of promoting student organizations or departments, holding bake sales, hosting an information fair or promoting upcoming campus events. The same reservation procedure must be followed to reserve table space on the second floor lobby as well as outdoor space reservations. Please note, tables that are provided for indoor use (i.e. tables found in lobbies and meeting rooms) are not allowed outside. 

KUC 2nd Floor Lobby

Space capacity:
10 Tables/ 20 Chairs  

Use of this space is limited due to the high demand of students utilizing the space to relax and watch TV. Therefore, permission to request this space must be first given by the KUC Event Coordinator prior to completing any space reservation paperwork.