KUC Theater

The KUC Theater hosts a variety of events including films, panels, lectures, and conferences.

Room Features

  • 2,455 square feet
  • Stage: 438 square feet
  • Capacity: 304
  • Dimmable house and stage spot lights
  • Built in screen on stage (7ft x 9ft)
  • Stage curtain
  • Standing podium
  • Ethernet port on stage
  • Electrical outlets
  • Stage left entrance



Note: A technician must be provided by MT Production Services in order to operate this equipment.

  • House Sound System
  • Video Projector
  • CD/Blu-Ray/playing capabilities
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Built-in PC in conrol room
  • Laptop connections in control room


Film & Movie Rights

Federal law dictates the use of copyrighted materials. Videos and DVD's purchased or rented by an individual or organizations are for personal use only. "Public performances" are not permitted under Federal law. Public performance settings include the KUC, JUB, outdoor screenings and spaces in academic buildings. Only classes for academic credit or those restricted to enrolled class members may show films in these spaces without creating a public performance.

In order to show a film publicly on campus one must obtain a "public performance license" from the film's distributor prior to the screening. There is a fee for the license, and fees can be substantial depending on the film, size of the audience, and number of showings. Showing a film free of charge does not remove the licensure fee requirement.

If you are interested in showing a film on campus, please contact the MTSU Films Council in the Student Programming office located in STU 340 or they may be reached by phone at (615) 898-2551. The Films Committee chairperson will contact you with the film information and pricing.

Campus Film Distributor: http://www.swank.com/

Rental Rate for Outside Clients

University/Student Sponsored Direct Costs
University Related/Co-Sponsored Direct Costs
External $300