Solicitation by Unafiliated Groups / Off-Campus Vendors

The following statement is from the "MTSU Student Code of Conduct"

Solicitation by Unaffiliated Groups

Campus property and facilities may not be used by any non-affiliated group, organization, or individual for the conduct of commercial solicitation, on-site sales, or other profit-making activities except when (1) a license or lease agreement exists, (2) the activity is conducted in accordance with any other valid contract or agreement with MTSU, or (3) the commercial solicitation, on-site sales, or other profit-making activity is sponsored by a registered student organization for the purpose of raising funds to support the organization's activities pursuant to Section VI(2) of the Policy on Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling (MTSU Policy I:01:06).

Vendor Information & Procedures

Non-affiliated vendors that engage in commercial solicitation, on-site sales, or other profit making activities must be sponsored by an officially registered student organization and are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Three (3) separate areas in the Student Union Buliding are available to be reserved for the use by non-affiliated vendors: the Atrium, the South Commons and the North Commons area.

  2. Reservations are confirmed on a first come, first serve basis. Permission may be denied if the presence of the non-affiliated vendor would be disruptive or interfere with any aspect of the institution's operation; or would detract from the orderly and aesthetic appearance of the campus.

  3. Non-affiliated vendors are strictly prohibited from engaging in conduct that is unduly intrusive in their interactions with students, staff or faculty; or conduct that otherwise harasses, disturbs or interferes with the rights of students,staff and faculty. Non-affiliated vendors may be required to show the University proof of compliance with all state and local laws and ordinances governing their activities.

  4. Per MTSU's "Rights and Responsibilities of Students at Middle Tennessee State University":

    "No unaffiliated group, organization, or individual will be permitted to solicit during the week(s) designated as "Welcome Week." The only opportunity for this is provided through participation in the 'Meet Murfreesboro' event."

    For more information about 'Meet Murfreesboro' please contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs at (615) 898-2454.

  5. All reservation paperwork for non-affiliated vendors must be completed by the sponsoring student organization(s), approved by the Office of Student Organizations and Service and turned into the KUC Event Coordinator no later than five (5) business days before the first date of the reservation.

  6. Non-affiliated vendors may only schedule four (4) days per semester and four (4) days in the summer.

  7. All non-affiliated vendors will be charged a fee of $35.00 per day payable to the University Center at a time no later than the day of the reservation. This amount will be assessed apart from any financial arrangements made between a non-affiliated vendor and a sponsoring student organization. For the fee incurred vendor(s) will be provided with the following:
    1. Two (2) 6 ft. tables for display if the space reserved is inside the Student Union Building.
    2. An indoor rain backup location if reservation is for Commons area (provided space is available at time of reservation).
    3. Access to unload/load on the Commons area, and dolly if requested. One (1) Parking pass will be made available. Additional passes may be obtained through Parking Services located on City View Drive and may be contacted at (615) 898-2850 from 8am-4:30pm Monday - Friday.

      Tables provided for inside locations (i.e. rooms and lobby areas) are not permitted outside the Student Union Building. Tables may be rented for outside use at a fee of $6.00 per table. Advance notice of table rental must be given to the MT Unions Assistant Director prior to the day of reservation. Tents may be rented from the Event Coordination office. Please contact (615) 898-5002 for pricing and availability.

  8. Requests from student organizations to sponsor a non-affiliated vendor must be approved by the Office of Student Organizations and Service. No student organization will be permitted to sponsor the same non-affiliated vendor more than two (2) days per month, and no student organization may sponsor more than one (1) non-affiliated vendor per day. Exceptions must be approved through the Office of Student Organizations and Service.

Student organizations that engage in fund raising activities for the purpose of obtaining money to support the organization's activities are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The guidelines for reserving space in the Student Union Bilding listed above shall apply to officially registered student organizations.
  2. No charge will be assessed to student organizations for the use of space, with the exception of direct costs incurred (i.e. table rental fees, etc).

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