Music Scholarships

The MTSU School of Music provides merit scholarships to musically gifted and academically talented students. All auditioning students are considered for music scholarships. Those who audition by February 18, 2023 will receive priority consideration for music scholarships. It is contingent upon a successful audition, academic acceptance to MTSU, recommendation by the appropriate faculty, and selection by the Scholarship Committee. Students must meet continuing eligibility requirements to maintain the School of Music award.

  • Students must be academically admitted to MTSU before a music scholarship may be offered.
  • MTSU requires completion and submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for full consideration of need‐based financial aid and merit awards.
  • Out‐of‐state students may qualify for one of several tuition assistance programs, each of which require acceptance to the School of Music and academic admission to MTSU with a specific grade point average and ACT score.

ACADEMIC AWARDS: MTSU offers significant aid based on academic skills. The firm application deadline for most MTSU academic awards is December 1, including guaranteed academic scholarships. Please visit for more information.

REGIONAL SCHOLARS: MTSU’s Regional Scholars program provides assistance to qualifying residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia, and certain areas of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and South Carolina. Students must have a 25 on the ACT to qualify. Music applicants must be admitted academically to MTSU and accepted to the School of Music by audition.

ACADEMIC COMMON MARKET: Students from Arkansas and Delaware seeking to major in MUSIC INDUSTRY may qualify for in‐state tuition if accepted to MTSU and the School of Music. Contact

MTSU SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH: This website lists all of the scholarships available to MTSU students, including how to apply for each scholarship.

For more information, contact The School of music office at (615) 898-2469 or email